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Windows XP problems...


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I created a new user profile for my wife, but when we try to log on with that profile, the machine restarts. I've tried deleting that profile and creating a new one, but the result is the same; the PC will reboot if I use any profile other than the main profile. What gives?

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I'm working on it.  I got a new monitor, and I'm in the process of transferring the files I want from the old drive to the new one.  VBS1 looks amazing at 1792x1344x32.  :)

If I even suggested that resolution to my monitor it would keel over and die


Hehe - My old monitor would only go as high as 1024x768, at 60Hz. The new one will do 1792x1344 at 75Hz. I ended up getting a 19" ViewSonic flatscreen CRT at Best Buy, on sale for less than $200. :) I had been considering a 17" MAG for $99, but I felt that for once, I should probably not buy the cheapest thing out there.

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