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Anyone know any good programs to get rid of viruses , trojans (mainly what i get) spyware , adaware , and other good programs that are just good for performance and stuff?

I currently got

Spybot S&D

Adaware SE

Avast! Anti-Virus

Webroot Spy Sweeper

McAfee Personal firewall

I had some cool programs friends sent but lost them in a triple time reformat :/

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AVG antivirus from http://www.grisoft.com is as good an AV as any and it autoupdates, the Microsoft one is Giant Antispyware that microsoft bought and are releasing through their own brand, its only a beta at the moment but Giant antispyware is really good so I'd definitely get the microsoft version. The only other thing I'd use is Spywareblaster from http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html which stops malicious activex stuff and blocks dodgy websites.

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BitDefender 8.  End of story.

Will give it a look, although I run absolutely no firewall, or AV protection at all. Never have, never will, as far as I know at this point. The only virus I ever got was the Blaster Worm.

I use a Router and NAT, and that is it. I sit back and hear about all of these people getting mega amounts of viruses and spyware(I do get Spyware, and run AdAware Personal SE, and Spyware Blaster by Javacool Software), and I have never, ever gotten it, aside from that damn blaster worm. And that was more Bill Gate's and Microsoft's fault than anyone's.

I mean, and this is a serious question here, I'm not berrating anyone, I really want to know,; how do you guys get all of these nasty assed viruses? Websites, P2P, opening every email that comes down the pipe? Where are they coming from?

What makes me ask is, I have 8 or 10 mail boxes, and you wouldn't believe some of the sh....er crap that comes through them, I do alot of P2P, and have even been connected to over 380 individual computers simultaneously downloading pewrfectly legal files, such as pre-screens for anime series, where they are released to the anime community here in the states, kinda like beta testing a game, and I surf as much as the next guy. But I don't get hammered like I read about in here and at other forums I visit all the time.

So, if anyone knows how they are getting some of these things, would you mind sharing? I really am curious, and not poking fun at all. I really want to know. Most of my friends have never been hit, and run a system setup similiar to mine, and alot of them are alot more web hardcore than I am even. I mean porn sites, warez sites, all kinds of online game sites. All kinds of crap and they don't get hit either, and they won't run an AV or firewall because of the overhead with most AV software(the reason I don't run commercial AV), and the difficulty with alot of software with firewalls.(Software firewalls are a complete pain in the ###### and require constant monitoring, and I don't want to be bothered, so I don't.)

So if you guys don't mind, share your story, so I can kinda get a better idea of what is going on out there, and it will also help me help you when the need arises.

Thanks guys. :thumbsup:

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Don't let anyone else other than you run your computer. I let a friend awhile back have an account on my computer, he completely hosed my server. Anyway, I was mad and stuff but there was nothing important on it. I also use my computer all the time and don't run a firewall. I haven't gotten any viruses either.

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I do use a firewall, but I run an open share on my LAN, with no router. Thus, I use software to do what hardware would otherwise.

No viruses, no adware, no spyware, nothing, in months, over my entire Windows network.

I have to try to get garbage to install on my system these days.

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I've got a firewall and AV running and in all that time the worst I've had was the blaster virus and that was when I reinstalled windows and had to connect to the net to verify windows before I could reinstall the firewall. I use Mailwasher to scan my incoming email before its downloaded and the worst I get now is cookies which everybody gets and adaware gets rid of.

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That is what I'm trying to learn. Where are all of these people getting the viruses when guys like me and Dannik and NC run virtually no protection at all.

I'm totally serious when I say that since 1990 the only virus I've had is the Blaster Worm. And that was due to a port vulnerability in Microsoft Winblows.

We read these threads here at gr.net everyday, and at other forums, and also the net is filled with horror virus stories. Even here, some members in the past have gotten drive wiping viruses. I'm trying to figure out how they are getting them. Some of the people were even running firewalls and AV and still getting viruses. I'd like to also hear from some of them to see if they know where they got it or if they might even think they know where they came from.

The key to virus avoidance is a simple one: COMMON SENSE.

Watch where you surf. Yes, I too have gone to the OCCASSIONAL pron site, and I still haven't ever gotten a virus. Tons of adware and spyware, but not viruses. I do know that alot of these online mmorpg sites are virus havens as my stepson found out.

Don't open emails if you don't know who they came from.

Watch what attachments you open, especially from strangers, and especially MS office attachments, since they are bad for macro viruses.

And if you can, use a router with a NAT, which hides you from the internet when you are on, unless you are DMZ'd, which I do NOT recommend, unless you are an experienced user who knows what to watch for, and can deal with the consequences, should they arise.

Those are the best 4 steps you can take, and are the only four I have ever used. As I said, I never run AV. And I don't use software firewalls.

Also, Run AdAwareSE regularly, as alot of adware and spyware is easily mistaken for a virus, and often have the same file extensions viruses do, since virus makers use common extensions to fool victims.

And last of all, if you think you have a virus, ASK, before commencing to FFR your PC. 99.5% of the time, an FFR is NOT necessary, especially if your using XP or 2Kxxx with NTFS. NTFS is a very secure filesystem, and very rarely needs an FFR, unlike the old FAT and FAT32 filesystems.

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I do run norton system works 2003 and a NAT firewall thru my router, i use adare SE and spyware blaster and usualy am fine but recently i got a virus thru a game site link and if my Norton hadnt caught and deleted it i may well have ahd issues.

If u arent as pc or web savvy as some here then always run a good AV app and keep it up to date

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