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Different from OFP?


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To be honest I think you could probably do more in OFP than you can in VBS, check out the Finnish Defence Mod, and there are tonnes of really great addons for OFP.

However VBS has better graphics, I've got both and I think the graphics in VBS are better than OFP, the models are all top notch, as good as or better than the best OFP addons and it was designed as a military tool which it does admirably, if it can host 100 players without any lag I'm impressed, Gord will tell you how many he hosts on his connection and I get a ping in the 300's to his server and no lag, the missions that are being made for VBS tend towards coop stuff and the community has some great missions already made that really need a good bit of teamwork to get through them which brings me to one of VBS's strengths, the growing mature community, because of the cost of the program you wont be running into 14 year old kids running round tking everybody, we're adults with jobs and families and have all probably been playing games for a good few years, I know I have.

So overall I'd say VBS is a special forces version of OFP, it does everything that OFP does and nearly all of the scripting that works in OFP will work in VBS but VBS is better looking and we're all having a blast playing it, Checkout the screenshot thread for how good looking it is.

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I had problems patching OFP and I dont like the mod structure. I've never played it in MP, but I think it has a lot more potential in MP than GR does. SP is alright in OFP.

I dont have money like that to shell out though..

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