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Sig Awards #24


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Thats right, Number 24

Theme is:


thats right, anything about TV. Your favourite show, least favourite show, what ever... (but no porn, im looking in your direction avey)

[3.9] Signature Images Please keep these images to a reasonable size, less than 480x100 pixels and preferably below 50Kb in size

But yeah, you know rules, keep it above board, and as usual it will be judged on:

Skill - How much skill was required to create the sig.

Presentation - How neat is it, borders (if there are any) are same size all way round, basically looks good, not scruffy.

Originality - How original the idea behind the sig is.

File Size - the smaller the better, as he/she been able to create a good sig, say with lots of colours, whilst keeping the file size low.

So post entries here, and ill do the whole move to locked thread thang.


Also, im gunna want 2 judges to do the judging, so if your interested please PM me ASAP.

EDIT: make that 2 judges!

Thanks lads, and have foon!!!!!

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