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Started Adding GR Mods


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Hey everyone! I started to add GR mods to my website, I don't want this thread to sound like a advertisement, so I am just informing you that I've started dloading and uploading some GR mods. I know I can't get all of them, but I am getting what I can find.

Rocky said that he will begin mirroring with my server, but I hope he wont start anytime soon. Once I get a large number of mods on my server I hope he opens up. Well I don't mind if he starts mirroring. But you know, I'm just saying.

I'm happy to find GR modders, and the potential GR2 mods that are being brewed in this community. I'm hoping to see progression on some nice GR2 mods this summer! :D

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Yeah big no no that one, inless you remove it I personally think that Rocky shouldnt have anything to do with your site or sever. Even thou its a nice site.

DA is stolen work re packaged under someone elses name. No good at all it isnt.

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