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Nah, Cubasis ain't my only tool.... I gots WaveLab, GoldWave, Cuasis, other music making software.

techNo Limits is almost ready.... I've gone for a normal style bassline (not the "galloping" basslines as in Raveheart & Life In Space). Phat beat and awesome clap.....however, I the voices I made in the voice gen. for this track didn't turn out too good, that's the trouble with voice generators, they can't reach different pitches (i.e, if I wanted the stress on the "Limit" [goes up a pitch], the voice gen. would still say it the same pitch as the rest of the sentence). I tried sampling the male vocals from the original, but I'm having trouble fading the beat etc from the background to leave behind just the vocals. I can almost do it using noise reduction module, but I'm not sure this is the corrct way to do itand, I'm left with the original beat quite quiet in the background and the vocals almost inaudible.

Fire! is just about done too....

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And now, one for the road:

techNo Limit

That's the club mix right there, my original mix is hardcore.

It' been a long night....It's like 01:57AM here right now. I'll have to upload the others tomorrow.

I'm also working on a back to back mix of my tracks, which I'll prolly upload tomorrow too. I'll start with Raveheart, into techNo Limits, into Life In Space (you'll notice techNo Limits is currently the same BPM as the other 2 tracks, this is for the back to back mix I'm diong, have to have the same BPM when mixing). I don't just mix like your ordinary DJ, I have my own unique style when it comes to mixing, for example, as well as ordinary mixing I also overlay samples from other tracks into my mix. I'm just checking over the back to back mix now, the beginning of Life In Space sounds good mixed into techNo Limits....

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