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Greetings from Basra


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Just checking in,back in the box,but now down South with the Brits this time!!

All blokes now have the M4's with the CQBR upper recievers,nice weapon!!

Hope to get more time to post in the coming weeks,still no Internet at the base camp,but the task today in Az Zubayr has all the goodies which we can use!!


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hope you enjoy the new environment mate and stay safe.

who is it you work for though, Kroll?

Yes I work for Kroll

Whisper44.....kit is good,hope to get some rounds down in the next few days and sight my 552

10 x Mags (5.56mm) for each man plus 3 x mags for the Glock.

I wore my new rig yesterday,wasn't sure if I'd be allowed,but my TL said it was ok,I have the Wasatch Chest rig,holds 12 Mags,very comfy and also doubles up as the Strike plate carrier,very comfy for driving!!!

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Just try not to overlube the gun, or you'll get more jams from all the dust around there. A few drops in the chamber is good for a couple days.

>10 x Mags (5.56mm) for each man plus 3 x mags for the Glock.

That's a good load for most engagements, but I would suggest getting a few pouches to carry extra ones in the vehicle. If you can score some MOLLE magazine holders, I would suggest getting them, as you can fit six mags in there. I got what I call a "party pack", in which I have seven extra magazines. Sure there's aimed fire, but having spare mags either to quickly pull instead of what you're carrying, or you gotta lay down a GOOD base of fire mit burst (or if you got full auto, either way, the weapon will eat through your mags), you got an easy resupply, at least to hold you until you get somewhere friendly. I know it's stuff you allready know, but the smaller mags compared to the AK stuff makes the idea VERY good.

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