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Rocky has ruined GR2...


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I hereby sentence you to be banned from your own web site and forum, to never return again.

The reason? You have endangered the GR2 development by keeping the Christmas decorations on the gr.net picture (see above)!! :nono: Don't you know it's bad luck to keep decorations up for so long after Christmas?

Now there's so much bad luck around that I'm afraid this is my only course of action.

banned.gif - Sorry Rocky, I hate to do this to you.

And seeing as no one else at gr.net noticed this awful atrocity taking place, I can only suggest that I, Cobblers, take over from Rocky and hereby in take FULL control of all controlling interests concerning gr.net.

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To say that others haven't noticed is incorrect, you however are the first to say anything :P

As I have been told first hand

:rocky: "It's my website, I'll do whatever I please" :rocky:

I thought better of bringing this up for fear of losing my supporter privaleges :no:

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Infact I think that for some more fun the main banner graphic should change per month weath something seasonal or funny for that month. I know Platoon forums logo often flips about with funny changes ... do a submition section for peeps to play about and then up them every month.

Surely this rather posh forum has the ablility to update its graphic header file per month with a seperate graphic refresh every 1st of the month or maybe more frequent?

I know the menu options are mapped and are part of the logo itself, maybe slice it into 2 and then the top main graphic is automated to flip to something different each month .... ive said too much. :ph34r:

(then again Rocky and the Mod's will proabably ban me for saying such things) :)

Edited by calius
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"ennit"  :shifty:

ahh, Northampton slang! :rolleyes:

@ McNamee, Calisus & Chems - Should GR2 be a success, there will be a Northamptonshire Lan party going on. You would be more than welcome to join in if you like. Visit: www.silent-troopers.co.uk in the near future for more details. (I've just got to upload the info on it).

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Infact I think that for some more fun the main banner graphic should change per month weath something seasonal or funny for that month.

I challenge all our graphic artists to start submitting something appropriate for the month of February.

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There is a lot that is possible for February Source

May want to check the source link for daily observance things like Ground Hog's Day, Computer Cleaning Day, Valentines Day, President's Day, etc. :thumbsup:

February Monthly Observances:

African American History Month (Black History Month)

AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month

Sponsored by Prevent Blindness America: www.preventblindness.org

American Hearth Month

Sponsored by The American Heart Association: www.americanheart.org

American History Month

Sponsored by National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution

Bake For Family Fun Month

February 2002 was the first annual Bake for Family Fun Month. The Home Baking Association has dedicated this occasion to the great taste, good nutrition, economy and family fun of home baking. Source: www.aeb.org/kidsandfamily/bake_for_family_fun_month.html

Bird Feeding Month (US National) (Wild Bird Feeding Month)

Sponsored by the National Bird Feeding Society www.birdfeeding.org

Black History Month (African American History Month)

Candy Month

Canned Foods Month

Sponsored by the Canned Food Info Council of America

Cat Health Month (US National)

Sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association

Cherry Month

Sponsored by the Cherry Marketing Institute of America

Children's Dental Health Month (National)

Sponsored by the American Dental Association

Chocolate Month

Condom Month (National US) - Source: www.bacchusgamma.org/event.asp

Creative Romance Month

Dental Month (US National) 2002

Embroidery Month (International)

Sponsored by Stitches Magazine

Friendship Month

Grapefruit Month (National)

Hearth Month (American)

Sponsored by The American Heart Association: www.americanheart.org

Library Lovers Month

"Library Lovers' Month is a month-long celebration of school, public, and private libraries of all types. This is a time for everyone, especially library support groups, to recognize the value of libraries and to work to assure that the Nation's libraries will continue to serve." See Web site: www.librarysupport.net/librarylovers/

Pet Oral Health Care Month (US National)

Sponsored by Pet Dental - Web site: www.petdental.com

Potato Lovers Month

Sponsored by the National Potato Board of America

Responsible Pet Owner Month

Sponsored by the ASPCA www.aspca.org

Sinus Pain Awareness Month

Sponsored by the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: www.entnet.org

Snack Food Month (US National)

Sponsored by the Snack Food Association. The Snack Food Association and the National Potato Promotion Board (NPPB) initiated National Snack Food Month in February 1989. The promotion kicks off on Super Bowl Sunday and publicity is generated throughout the month of February.

Umbrella Month

As seen on www.BlueMountain.com (Greeting Cards)

Weddings Month (US National)

Sponsored by the Association of Bridal Consultants of America

(See ButlerWebs' General Webs for Weddings)

Wild Bird Feeding Month (See Bird Feeding Month above)

Wise Health Consumer Month

Sponsored by the American Institute for Preventive Medicine www.healthylife.com

February Weekly Observances

First Week of February:

Burn Awareness Week (US National)

Sponsored by Shriners Burns Hospital. During Burn Awareness Week, Shriners give tips on burn proofing your home. Shriners Hospitals for Children Burn Awareness Week www.shrinershq.org/whatsnewarch/archives02/baw12-02.html

Proclamation of National Burn Awareness Week by The President of The United States: www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/02/20010207-6.html

Consumer Protection Week (US National)

National Consumer Protection Week is observed to highlight consumer protection and education efforts around the country: www.consumer.gov/ncpw

Proclamation of National Consumer Protection Week By the President of the United States of America: www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/02/20020204-8.html (proclaim February 3 through 9, 2002, as National Consumer Protection Week.)

School Counselors Week (National School Counseling Week)

National School Counseling Week, "School Counselors: Providing Lessons For Life," Focuses public attention on the unique contributions professional school counselors make within U.S. school systems." Source: American School Counselor Association: www.schoolcounselor.org/content.cfm?L1=1000&L2=62

Women's Heart Week

Source: www.womensheartweek.org

Second Week of February:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week

Sponsored by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: www.aacvpr.org

Celebration of Love Week

Source: 123Greetings.com http://123greetings.com/events/celebration_of_love_week

Flirting Week

Source: 123Greetings.com http://123greetings.com/events/flirting_week/

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week

Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Occupant Protection, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: www.nhtsa.dot.gov

National Children of Alcoholics Week

Sponsored by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics: www.nacoa.net

Pancake Week

www.auntjemima.com/tradition/fun-facts.html National Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday, the day before Lent.

Sexual Responsibility Week (National Condom Week)

Source: www.bacchusgamma.org/event.asp

Hospitalized Veterans - National Salute

The National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans is recognized the week of February 14th each year www.va.gov/volunteer/page.cfm?pg=4

Third Week of February

Engineers Week (National)

Sponsored by The National Society of Professional Engineers - Web site: www.nspe.org

Friendship Week (International)

Love Your Pet Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 13-20, 2005)


Fourth Week of February:

Eating Disorders Awareness Week (National)

Source: www.nationaleatingdisorders.org

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