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Falcon 4.0


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I would be playing it if it didn't cost 200 dollors on amazon for a new copy.  :huh:


Oh and whoever is selling it for $200 is an ######. You can pick it up on ebay for £10 here ($20US)

<text deleted by Rocky, PM me if you wish>

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Oh and I'm normally flying over at Freebirdswing.org. They have a great set up, and lot's of really helpful guys. It's easy to get a game going and just jump inti a campaign or TE. They do play pretty realistically though. Expect thorough briefings, use of Brevity codes, etc. The good thing about FBW is that they have instructors that'll go through and teach you the game, and it is really worth doing that :)

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hey cool, i didnt know people besides me still played falcon 4.0

I fly it, I am also a part of the FreeBirds Virtual Fighter Wing. It is a great place for a beginner or advanced pilot. I've got my SP4.2 Freebirds install and a second install of SP4.2Hi-Res (non-freebirds) + BMS1.03. Its nice for the eyecandy, i only use it or single player campaign flying. At www.frugalsworld.com 's forums i am Spyder13 and on the FreeBirds i am Spyder2-FreeBirds-VFW, so look for me sometime Jex. L8er

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