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Barrett .50 Sniper Rifle Concerns


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Anyone notice in the news today that California is deciding that this particular rifle should not be sold in its state. That this particular rifle is a major concern nowadays. Here is a link that explains more. What does everyone think about it? :devil:


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What is there to be concerned about? The guns cost $7500, each cartridge is in the $5 range, and it is not concealable or easy to transport. Add to this the fact that none have ever been used in a crime and it takes a lot of practice and skill to actually use the thing as long ranges, you'd be better off banning magnum hunting rifles.

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I don't know if the article is accurate on this account, but it does cite the weapon as being used in the Waco, TX incident with the Branch Dividians.

One thing that I have to wonder about is, they complain it's long range, but do many terrorists have the necessary training to be really accurate at the long ranges they are concerned about (2,000 yards)?


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