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My next mod!

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when you made the gr skins you probably should have used like ica_us_rifleman, ica_us_rifleman_a, ica_us_rifleman_b for the names of your rifleman skin's chr, correct? for desert skins for DS maps you would use ica_us_rifleman_desert, ica_us_rifleman_a_desert, and ica_us_rifleman_b_desert for the chr names. and for IT maps switch desert with cuba.

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Thanks for the images Joker, don't know what I'd do without you!

And I don't use the regular rifleman files, I just pull chrs out of mods that I like (with permission) and reskin them, so they all have names that are totally unrelated to the mods I make. How do you rename chr files? I was warned that this could make the file unreadalbe or something.


callmehobbes :D

Oh, the FR-F2 is from the French Army mod by Peteitjean and Froggy and due to my lack of talent/patience the weapons from that mod wont be included but can be used when both mods are used together.

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well, to use 1 skin for all 3 environments (GR, DS, IT) for say sniper, i take whatever chr and rsb files i need to make it work and place them in my character folder.

ok, example files: xej_sniper.chr, xej_sniper.rsb, xej_sniper_head.rsb, and xej_sniper_guillie.rsb

ok, place those in the character folder. then make a copy of the xej_sniper.chr and place it in another folder. now make sure the properties of the xej_sniper.chr only has the archive box checked. read only should not have a check in it. if it does uncheck it. now you can rename it. rename it to ica_us_sniper. copy it and paste it into the character folder. then come back and rename it again to ica_us_sniper_a, then repeat and then come back to rename it ica_us_sniper_b. then repeat and then rename it ica_us_sniper_desert, ica_us_sniper_a_desert, ica_us_sniper_b_desert, ica_us_sniper_cuba, ica_us_sniper_a_cuba, ica_us_sniper_b_cuba.

this is the long way. you can also use the skinner to just rename the same file over and over as well. but those file names above will change the default sniper skins into your new skins so you can use them in multiplayer play and single player play and in the campaigns. i've got so used to doing it the long way that i can do it just as fast as if i used the skinner to do it.

i hope you understand this. i hope i didn't confuse you even more. i first started trying out new skins by doing this.

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The other problem I have with the desert camo is that I have a clear idea of how I want the chrs to look and at the moment haven't seen any models that fit. I'm trying a few things out on existing models but they're not quite right.

Thanks for the praise Suicide Commando!

Mod to be released within the next few days!


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rename it to ica_us_sniper. copy it and paste it into the character folder. then come back and rename it again to ica_us_sniper_a, then repeat and then come back to rename it ica_us_sniper_b.

It might be worth pointing out that some of this is only necessary if you are using the .atr files unchanged. The <name>.chr, <name>_a.chr, <name>_b.chr system is intended to allow the graphics engine to use models with lower levels of detail when they are further away (hence LOD2/3 in the .atr files). If you aren't worried about saving the graphics engine some work then you don't actually need multiple LoDs, and you can dispense with the _a.chr and _b.chr, but you must modify the .atr files to match by deleting the LOD2 and LOD3 lines (and their equivalents for Desert and Cuba if used).

It's more applicable if you aren't trying just to overwrite the default characters. if you are using Skinner then dispensing with the additional LOD .chrs means you only have to do one third of the work and also makes the eventual download a tad smaller.

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for my addon skins i only use 1 chr and point all 3 lods in the atr file at the 1 chr file. but when i overwrite the default skins i just do the chr name swaps. i didn't know about what you posted above. as i am still learning. i appreciate that bit of information, DWG.

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This is starting to get a little complicated for an old man like myself, but I'll give it a go.

The French desert mod will be a separate mod just becaus efor now it makes my life easier. I've made two new ghillie suit chrs, 1 sniper and 1 demo. Just got the credits to write up and it's done. I'm really pleased with it, I think I've made progress from my first mod (USSOCOM:AFGHANISTAN).

The first desrt chr is now done.

Also putting together a SADF mod (very basic, just a camo swap, nothing new really)

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