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Looking for a few mods


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I was wondering if there are any mods available that have the AI as different enemy. Such as civilians or , Al Quida. (turbin wearing dudes :yes: ). Also are there any mods that have the AI with different weapons (m16 , Grozas ,ETC. I also noticed in HX5 there is a coop gameplay that is called rambo , that changes your weapon every time you die. However it only uses Hx5 weapons.Is there a mod that with the same type of gameplay but allows you to use different weapons mods. And finally has anyone modded a bizon with a better scope and stopping power. I love the sound of the weapon, but it is not so good for multiplayer. All these mods I mentioned I am looking for would have to work for coop multiplayer. Thanks for your help :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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