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Sacret - Funny quake

A remix made from the quake series of games. Kinda sounds like the Terminator Theme tune


Another Quake remix


I wanna reinstall this game

Candee Jay - If I were You

Followed By....

Candee Jay - Lost This Feelin'

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HypeTraxx - "The Promised Land"

He who knows when,

Will guide you when then,

In time,

I'll take you there.

There's no turning back,

The future's ahead,


I'm on my way.

Let me reach out,

Don't leave me in doubt,


I'll take you there.

Somewhere to begin,

The truth lies within,


I'm on my way....

To the Promised Land.

I'll take you there,

To the Promised Land.

I'll take you there,

To the Promised Land.

I'll take you there....

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WytchDokta & Squad_E vs Jive Bunny - "Let's Remix Again (WD website intro music)"

Featuring elements from Jive Bunny's "Hawaii 5-0" EP. That EP had Chubby Checker singing "The Twist" in it. of course, I cut out all the bits where he says "twist", and replaced them with Squad_E's vocordings that say "remix" to form: "let's remix again, like we did last summer, yeah, let's remix again, like we did last year...."

Some of Squad_E's other vocordings are in there too.

The intro goes like this:-

Chubby Checker: "Who's that spot up there? Is it a bird?"

Crowd: "No!!!"

Chubby Checker: "Is it a plane?"

Crowd: "No!!!"

Chubby Checker: "Is it the...."

Squad_E vocording voice: "WytchDokta"

Crowd: "YEAH!!!!"

Chubby actually says "is is the twister on the song, but I cut the "twister" bit out and replaced and replaced with Squad_E's vocording that says "wyctdokta"

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Jive Bunny - Hawaii 5-0

lol.. funny remix WD ..

But the voxes that i sent u need time stretching a wee bit more


Nah, they sound fine to me! pillock.gif

The way it sounds is the way it's supposed to be. It's still only WIP, there is to be alot added to it. The official title and artist name for the remix is: "WytchDokta vs Jive Bunny - Let's Remix Again", it samples from Jive Bunny's Hawaii 5-0 EP, but it doesn't use the Hawaii 5-0 bit that Jive Bunny sampled, that's why I didn't call my remix Hawaii 5-0.

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