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Dowster, Dougal & Gammer - "Can U Hear Me?"

I can see the sunlight shinin' through you,

I can see your eyes shinin' down on me,

And I realise you're the one for me,

Give you all the love you need....

Can you hear me callin' out your name?

Can you feel me? I still feel the same.

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Dougal & Gammer featuring Jenna - "Paradise"

Daybreak begins to rise,

Another day of clear blue skies.

Capture life, read the signs,

This is paradise.

Don't believe in yesterday,

Only live for today,

The only place I wanna stay....

Here in paradiiiise.

Jenna Bharr sings so well. When she starts to sing on any track (she's been signed to loads of projects), I melt.

*We need a raving smilie*

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I'm back on the case. New sound, new time, new place. My latest (unfinished) offering is 150 BPM [i usually make 'em at 140 BPM]. The latest offering is so far 1:15 long, hence why I put "unfinished" just now. I'm working on it as a side project to "I Luv U Baby 2005" [140 BPM] by WytchDokta versus The Original, and "U Sure Do 2005" [140 BPM] by WytchDokta versus Strike.

So anyway:

WytchDokta - "Crank It Up"

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DJ's Fade & Bananaman - "Dream Surprise"

Don't you know what you do to me?

You're every girls' fantasy.

Locked inside our love is right,

Don't be shy lets get inside.

Trip on a dream surprise,

With our hearts entwined.

Slowly whispering I love you,

Slowly whispering,

Slowly whispering I love you.

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