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Blink 182 - Pathetic

chorus lyrics...

You got, you got, you got to help me out

And I'll try not to argue

No one, no one, no one likes a drop-out

Mistakes are hard to undo

Don't pull me down this is where I belong

I think I'm different

But I'm the same and I'm wrong

Don't pull me down this is where I belong

I think I'm different

This is where I belong

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Urban Hype - "Trip 2 Trumpton" again. Released way back in 1992 and it's STILL a stormer. IMO, the best early nineties rave track ever (and one of the best tunes of all time along with Smart-E & Luna-C's early nineties rave remix of the Sesame Street theme).

Pugh Pugh, Barney Magrue, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub,


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Incredibad - ZanZabar

I was trotting along

The desert was hot

[wolf howls]

and I sang this song:

Yo, I'm rugged

My camel's got the three-wheel motion

Every word I say you want to put it to your quotient


raised by the wolves

Oxford education as phrased by the wolves

My khaki shirt tucked into my tight khaki pants

I drink too much and do my white wacky dance

To hell with that I'm a man without shame

Listen to the howls on the wind there's my name


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Yum Yi featuring Becki Judge - "Tantric Love"

Though your silence deafens me,

I close my eyes but I can see.

You long to taste the scent so much,

My hands are tied but I can touch.

From your touch my body quivers,

Screams of passion, <something> shivers.

Fit together hand in glove,

Kaleidoskope of tantric love.

Tanric vibes for chauveny,

Honesty will set you free,

Believe in what is said and done,

Rewards so rich,

You're the one for me.

I'm still trying to figure out what the word is where I've put <something>

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Tony De Vit - "The Dawn (Original Mix)" not the more common Paul Janes tribute remix, the original original mix from the year 2000. Everyone seems to drop Paul Janes' remx in their sets still, but the ultimate tribute to the mighty Tony De Vit is to play the original original mix.

RIP Tony De Vit

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