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What Song Are You Listening To?


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Scooter - Let me be your valentine

although its a bit due from the day..

Man, why you started listening to all the best cuts recently? "Let Me Be Your Valentine" was and still is an awesome track (shame that song title is the only lyrics in the track, apart from the odd "yeah!"). Maybe a bit due from the day, but I still play it alot because it's a stormer!

Coz I just Dlded.. "scooter - Mind The Gap" album.. Coz it has all the best scooter tracks.. And new ones i aint heard.. Like "All I wanna Do".....

BTW Blink 182 - Every Time I Look For You

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Scooter - "Back In The UK"

Somewhere in England banging the bass,

Join our trip to this wierd place.

Back to nature where we can be,

Faster and harder and louder and free!

We started in 1994.... In 2005, we're still on the case. Hold tight crew; together, no-one can stop us now!!

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Written & produced by Olaf van Gerwen, WF Sanders & L van der Foort. Published by Dino Music Publishing/Copyright Control.

(P) & © 2001 Captivating Sounds/Warner Music Benelux BV [phone +31 35 646 5600, fax +31 35 642 1044]. Email: captivatingsounds@warnermusic.com.

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Written & produced by F de Pundert. Published by Media Market Publishing.

(P) & © 2001 Combined Forces BV. See CombinedForces.com for information on Combined Forces artists including Sander Kleinenburg's "Four Seasons EP - Part 3 of 3", DJ Remy's "Butterfly", a new "Taste" promo, Vincent de Moor's "Flowtation 2001"/"Emotions" and many more. New Producers can upload their work to the site for us to check out.

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