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0 Warning points, WHADDAP SANNN?? :D

Okay, let's talk about Eurovision a bit, what song is your country representing Teppe? (too bad that America ain't a part of this, they would win every single time)

Probably off-topic, but we'll see.

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it's been manipulated like that for a reason. It's just how he expresses his awesome lyrics, he's not just your "im such a good rapper, i should just rap about me".

he already made an Assassins creed rap for all 3 games in one rap song. His stuff is pretty genius imo regards what the critics say, or what accent

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Negative. You've misinterpreted what I said. So I'll go right ahead and quote myself:

Dan Bull sounds like he's from the Westcountry in this one. That is, seeing that the 'pirate' accent you hear in movies etc is in fact a somewhat distorted and exaggerated version of the Westcountry accent.
And then I'll go right ahead and quote Wikipedia on this issue (in the unlikely event that I should need to provide evidence for my claims of course):

The West Country accent is probably most identified in film as "pirate speech" – cartoon-like "Ooh arr, me 'earties! Sploice the mainbrace!" talk is very similar. This may be a result of the strong seafaring and fisherman tradition of the West Country, both legal and outlaw. Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was a native of Bristol, and privateer and English hero Sir Francis Drake hailed from Tavistock in Devon. Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta The Pirates of Penzance may also have added to the association. West Country native Robert Newton's performance in the 1950 Disney filmTreasure Island is credited with popularizing the stereotypical West Country "pirate voice". Newton's strong West Country accent also featured in Blackbeard the Pirate (1952).

Oh, and here's the source, in case you ever wanted to communicate with me in my own language: Geddon young'un! 'Ow bist?

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Uh yeah, hearing the accent of the people in my local area, and people speaking the 'pirate speak' variant of it, ESPECIALLY over the border in my home county where the accent is much stronger and all my relatives have the accent, really puts me off....(/sarcasm) Not. :turned: Why would it? The accent is dying, and I would like to hold on to my heritage as long as possible.

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