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Come on man, dubstep is 2009-2011 :(

Unlike my music scene, which is still alive and kicking - despite many claims by media nay-sayers that our scene had died. Funny they should make such claims when they haven't even had any involvement in our scene and don't even know the first thing about it or it's people, yet they still continue to negatively judge us. Note I say 'our' and 'us' - that is because there is a certain level of togetherness in my music scene.

Unexist & Satronica - "###### The System"

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mmm. DnB is kinda dead :/ Beats repeating constantly.

Every music genre has that - and repeating riffs, repeating vocals, etc. Hell, choruses are even repeated like four or five times per song. That is, every mainstream genre. :) You see, the further underground you go [with electronica], the more diverse and less repetative stuff gets. The 'beatcraft' on, for example, 'industrial' underground stuff is completely different and structured differently to the mainstream stuff (in otherwords [certain music elements] are structured in such a way as to repeat less). Although outsiders who don't know what they're listening for will always hear it differently though.

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