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Back to the old skool for this mornings' playlist:

Kicks Like A Mule - "The Bouncer"

4 Hero - "Mr Kirk's Nightmare"

Krome & Time - "This Sound Is For The Underground"

Beat Knowledge - "We Rule Da Nation"

2 Bad Mice - "Bombscare"

SL2 - "On A Ragga Tip"

Urban Hype - "Trip to Trumpton"

Awesome 3 - "Don't Go"


That should keep me going for a while.

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"Keep informed with WytchDokta's detailed daily list of what music's popular -- you'll never out of style with your music again! Only 19.95 to get a daily 'WytchDokta's Musical Selection List'.

We don't do 'popular' (aka 'mainstream') music in the underground. Underground is 'underground' for a reason. In fact, some of the stuff I listen to is under the underground - so much so that the coal miners haven't even heard it. :)

'Commercialism kills us' - Masters of Ceremony. Now you understand why we oppose the mainstream (other than the fact that mainstream is the same thing over and over looped for 7 minutes).

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Rolling with the Italian sound this morning, with a hint of the US sound that is:

Unexist - "Unexist Will Break Your Face"

Unexist & Mad Dog - "Fight the Power"

Unexist & Satronica - "###### The System"

Noize Supressor & Lenny Dee - "Chicken Dance"

Anarchistic hardcore = win.

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