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i am surprised in peoples taste in music here.

i'm an all rounder, so long as it isn't hardcore, R&B, or the utter ###### those orange bitches everyone loves to hate listen to regularly i like it. or dragon force, i dont see the hype, it sounds like a cat just walked all over the guitar.

or that music where the guitars are so loud, you can't hear the singer's voice.

screamo is okay, so long as it is not so screamo it gives me nightmares. Dimmu Borgir is about as far as i will go before it sounds like utter crap.

anyway, what am i listening to.

Nobuo Uematsu: Get Happy.

after that. Two Steps From Hell: Jump!

then after that I'll be mixing some music up with Groove addicts songs and seeing what i get :P

then Captain Neon: I Got a Jar of Dirt. i know random :P

as you can see, big contrast XD

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Here I'm listing the current bands I'm listening to followed by my favorite musics.

Antestor: (Black Metal) Message from Hell, Vale of Tears, Old Times Cruelty, As I Die

P.H.O.B.O.S.: (Drone-doom Metal) Wisdoom, Monochrome Red

Decapitated: (Technical Death Metal)Sensual Sickness, Three-Dimensional Defect

Paramaecium: (Doom/Death Metal) I'm not to Blame, Even the Walls, Haemorrhage of Hatred, Removed of the Grave, The Unnatural Conception in Two Parts (Part I - The Birth and the Massacre of the Innocents), The Killing, The Voyage of the Severed

Thorr's Hammer: (Stoner Doom/Death Metal) Dommegagsnatt, Norge

Also, almost everything by Arch Enemy (Melodic Death Metal), Amaran (Gothic Metal), After Forever (Symphonic Gothic Metal) and Tristania (Gothic Metal) is good :thumbsup:

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That's because I listen to underground music, rather than commercial mainstream 'must have' music.

And be careful with terminology. We may have instances of two or more artists working together collectively under one name, but referring to this as a 'band' is like referring to chavs as gabbers - two completely different things. Like, in 'your' music, the compositions are known as songs, whereas ours are known as tracks. Again, songs and tracks are different things (Songs have singing in them right? Tracks don't often.) Another one is, you all say 'tempo.' In the underground we say BPM. :)

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SRB - "Real Hardcore ######"

it's time for the raw ######, not that on tour ######, that outlaw ######, that real hardcore ######.

I still think it's hilarious that this guys' alias is on every car license plate number in Serbia (JFYI, Erik is Dutch not Serbian)

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