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What Song Are You Listening To?

Do you Try or just Post? Tick all that apply, but be sensible!  

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Muse - Blackout

Archive - Bullets (Marius de Vries Radio Mix), because of this...  

been looking for that song everywhere!  

I am trying to stay on topic, but when people are dissin, it's difficult not to stay on topic. I am arguing my point, but other persons involved in the situation want to argue further. I was stating what songs I was listening to when *someone* decided to start making up songtitles and artists (I wonder who that was....hmmmm....) which took the thread off topic.

Argue with me, I'll argue back. Diss me, I'll diss back; Treat others as you expect to be treated. If people have a problem with my beliefs etc, that's their problem, not mine, therefore they can deal with it. I don't agree with everything everyone says. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Atleast I have the decency not to go around disrespecting other peoples' opinions etc.

Lab 4 - "Reqiuem"

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