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2 Vibez - "Always Be Mine"

Gotta love that Dutch girl singing. I don't know she's Dutch for certain, I'm judging by the way she pronunces some of the English words & the fact that the producers are Dutch. For example, she can't really pronunce the English 'TH' sound very well (she drops off the 'H' - she says like 'wit' instead of 'with'), she also stresses the double 'O' sound in works like 'good' & 'took' (while In English we pronunce it like gud, tuk, etc - short sounding double 'O' sound, she prounces it as a long 'U' sound (like how we pronunce the word 'food' in English))

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Outblast & Kosakoff - "Unleash The Beast"

More than a decade passed. More that a decade of the most powerful music force known to man.

Since the beginning of the hardcore era we encountered several evil forces, trying to destroy what we call our life.

After the great war, the world thought hardcore died and vanished forever. But there's an old legend that tell us it's impossible to destroy the 'core, and to do so would unleash a beast more powerful than the world has ever seen. The beast will form a hardcore army and will call itself its master.

This is the moment all hardcore soldiers have been waiting for; the master of hardcore will show the world the true hardcore sound.

We will not vanish. We will not die.

Nuff said right there.

Dutch lady of hardcore, 'Korsakoff' is hot:



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