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Facing my final curtain!


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@CC: there might be Suppressed versions of some of the weapons aswell as normal unsuppressed ones, all depending on if the weapon will take a suppressor and on how much free time I can muster up.

@Chiel_mic: another Panzerfaust 3 added to the list....Javelin is still in a big lead though

@Militiaman: Added the M468 versions to the list. Colt M4 Commando is still in a big lead though.


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well, put it this way...Been thinking alittle about this today and as I do have alot of models just laying here gathering dust I might just include a few of them for good measure....and that includes the below model.


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Here's one more if it's not too late:

Weapon Name: Colt Anaconda


- click for large image -

Classification: Couble-Action Revolver

Caliber: .44 Magnum or .45LC

Ammunition: FMJ, JHP

Rate Of Fire: Semi-Automatic

Effective Range: n/a

Weight: 53 oz. (6" barrel)

Attachments: Many/Any

Description: Stainless Steel

Manufacture: Colt Mfg. Co.

Year Entered Service: 1990

Team: Any

Discussion: Very powerful and accurate the Anaconda is modern ruggedized stainless iteration of previous Colt Military & police revolvers... Chambered for .44 Magnum or .45 Long cartridges the Anaconda is arguably more powerful and accurate then than other 'hand cannons' like the Jericho derivateve Desert Eagle...

Resources: Alternative Image


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List updated once more. Currently no draws and some contenders has convincing leads.

@Joe.50: As stated earlier I'll be keeping the voting open till the end of the month, if there at that time are any draws that will be solved through creating a poll with the entries that make up the draw.

@Cobra: nice looking MP5 mate...can see that you put the pics I sent over to good use ;)

@Buck50: unfortunately not taking any votes for shotgun's at the moment but if I find some free time I might bring that category in aswell, although I seriously doubt that I will be able to squeeze out any free time right now.


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