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My Votes (for weapons I did not Nominate)

Handgun: Colt 1911


Assault Rifle: XCR (I nominated it but it's not on the board)

Machine Gun: Mk43 Mod0

I'm also wondering if your decision will also be based on:

· how many times a particular weapon has previously been modeled for GR

· the quality of those previous models

· whether you've previously modeled the weapon

· your personal preferences

I can understand wanting your work to have a basis in popularity, but there is such a wide selection of weapons for Ghost Recon already, it's the last point (as one voting) that is the most important to me... I'd much rather see you modeling a weapon out of personal interest and enthusiasm, knowing you might give it that extra bit of attention, then have you do any "pet" weapon or weapon that already exists for Ghost Recon in several iterations.


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I'll only pic from that list as I don't feel like looking for new weapons. I'll get the ones I want with SweBat anyhow. :devil:

Handgun: H&K P46 UCP


Assault Rifle: FNH SCAR

MG: (I'll break a tie for you) Mk43 Mod0

Sniper: (and other one) AI AW50

AT: (ok. I lied and selected a weapon not on the list as the Javelin is a house to carry around) MBT LAW

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List updated again, no draws in the vote at this time.

Looks like the P90 and Javelin has comfortable leads but it's pretty close in the other categories.

And yes Mamon, I do have a Glock 18C made, not publicly released though...think you are just about the only one that has it ;)

@Wolfsong: the MBT LAW might still make it into SWEBAT, all depending on how much time I can scramble up for making it. Don't really have all to many pics of the thing either.

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Polls can be made and posted here. Snow, as a supporter can even create the polls. However, I am available to help out, just need to say "help, please" and let me know what the polls should say (I haven't looked at Snow's website, yet :ph34r: ).


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Thanks Zjj :thumbsup:

I ought to be ok with the list I'm following things up on now though, might have to resort to polls at a later stage if some category ends up a draw. And maybe for accessories on the various weapons aswell :ph34r:

@SC: you really want that Mk 43 huh...guess I might have to venture out and find some pics off it, just incase it does win. :unsure:

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I know. It's not really an AT weapon.... well it is an AT weapon but it's also the target for one... he he.

But it's a big project like any vehicle so I didn't think it would be done as it's not gonna be in SweBat.

Anyhow, I just had to post it after seeing the Strv 122 in the OFP topic at SoldF...

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I would love to see either an AR-10 or AR-15 for snipers and assault rifles. i used the AR-15 for 3 and a half years for the department of corrections while working in the towers. 100 feet in the air and they give us 3 weapons, AR-15 with red dot scope, S&W .38, and a Remington 870 wingmaster. not that the shotgun would be really effective from 100 feet in the air with buck shot. the slugs could, but they make the shotgun kick so damn hard. during weapons recertification we used the slugs and i had the butt of the shotgun off to the side by just a few inches and i had a softball sized bruise for weeks from 4 rounds of slugs kick.

anyway here is a pic of what i'd like to see:

Assault Rifle



Sniper Rifles




http://www.armalite.com/sales/AR30%20Photo.jpg <--with muzzle break assembly



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Well, as I said I'll be keeping vote's open till the end of the month so there is still a a chance that the list of weapons to be made will change...in some categories the leaders have quite a nice headstart though.

The list of weapons as it looks right now

Handgun: Glock 18C


Assault rifle: Colt M4 Commando

Machine gun: Mk43 Mod0...ie M60E4

Sniper rifle: AI AW .50

AT weapon: Javelin

Full list of leaders and contenders can be found in the below link

Request mod contenders.


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