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Facing my final curtain!


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@Goosebumps: I have to agree with D there, for normal gameplay the way the weapon model looks means squat. As you can't see the model first person it doesn't really matter what it looks like. The ppl I take my hat off to are the map makers and scripters, they are the ones that really keep this game alive!  :notworthy:

I wouldn't say that either.

I don't think there is one particular discipline (weapons, skins, maps, vehicles, missions, sounds, etc) that keeps the scene going.

It's the combination of all those disciplines and the diversity it is being released at.

The sum of all those activities makes the community move forward.

Granted, some projects being better then others :thumbsup:

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my offical vote:

H&K P11

FN P90

G36K no ras ( -sorry, i just read the no add-ons condition- w/ C-mag, holosight, forward grip).

Mk 43 Mod 0

emphaticly AW .50 - that was a great suggestion.

Panzerfaust 3


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lol.. i've seen some comments about my post .. I have to say im more of a weapon mod fan than map mod fan and campaign makers.. There has been some great mods been released...

i know there are other mod makers, for example chems: he's made some wiked vehicles and a cool SWAT skin mod..

I dont really get much time to script vehicles and maps into missions i just like to see a new weapon done now n then a lot quicker too see :thumbsup:

Although Snow made (and will continue to make) some breathtaking stuff, I think you're a bit short-sighted on that comment....

I hope thats a bit more long sighted :blink::yes:

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Long time lurker on these forums, and I Wanted to say that all of you guys do a great job on mods and stuff for this game. SnowFella I am sorry to see you go, but to each there own. Now for the real reason of this post...

Assault rifle- That G-36 w/ a rail system, fore-grip, and beta-c mag seems hot

Shoty- how about a 870 modified like these: http://www.argonautarmament.com/frame_gallery.html

pistol- how about a race gun w/ Eotech optic (or any other), and extended mag on lets say a 1911 frame

SMG- (slightly different take) A rocky mountain patriot pistol (the ridiculously short AR-15 w/ no butt stock) w/ a beta-c, and optic, but use it as a secondary weapon. For example the sniper can have his long gun and then do CQC w/ this puppy.

Sniper- I guess the AW .50 would be cool

Anti-tank- the Javelin

I am really looking forward to this last hurrah from you SnowFella and no matter what weapons are in it I am sure it will be great.

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Hey, SnowFella, you have so much cool GR work, it would be really cool/nice if you had a web page to show it all, in fact I'd vote for that over any preference for you making a weapon(s).

Whenever I've pointed wannabe Modeler & Skin Artists to your image directory and posts where you say you've got no professional training, and learned it all pretty much on your own they're very impressed and motivated. Maybe a pointer or two to resources that helped you get started.

Regarding this whole back and forth of who keeps the mod scene going I'd have to say I think it's a powerful synergy of everyone involved as everyone's work motivates and gets everyone else excited to make more -- and web sites like GRN are instrumental in the sustainability of the mod scene because without a venue and enthusiastic fans... well...


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OK, I've updated the list online with the new votes....although I can't for the life of me understand why someone would want to see the HK P11 in GR, it's designed for underwater use. :wacko:

@Devil_dog: Ain't I already a weapon slave????

Besides 6 weapons won't take me long at all to complete at GR standards.

@SC: What do have I done already for the SWEBAT mod?? :huh: No M4A5's with Elcan in there for sure although we have some Diemaco C8's with Elcan courtesy of Thumper in there.

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Here's one I don't think anyone else has modeled (probably worng) and it gives you a lot to choose from as there are some really wild configurations (see "Variations")...

Weapon Name: FNH PGM Ultima Ratio Commando II


- clicky for bigger better image -

Classification: SR

Caliber: 7.62 x 51mm

Ammunition: FMJ. 5 Round Box

Rate Of Fire: ~30RM Semi-Auto Bolt

Effective Range: ~1000m

Weight: 14.5 lbs

Attachments: 23.6" or 18.5", Mil dot 6-8-10x scope

Description: A modular and collapsable sniper rifle, the FNH PGM rifles are available in many configurations and calibers.

Manufacture: Fabrique Nationale Herstal

Year Entered Service: Varies


rear folding aperature

forward folding front post sight


Ultima Ratio Intervention

Hecate II

OM 0.50



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