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Facing my final curtain!


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Well, by the looks of it I might just have this rig up and running by the weekend. Just got word from the company I ordered the remaining stuff from that it will be shipped Thursday, could of got it shipped tomorrow if I wanted to but there won't be anyone at home to recieve the package then.


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Coming up on 4 years now mate.

And there won't really be that much of a splurge on the anniversary, wife's unfortunately got some graduation ceremony on just that day so anything we had planned went out the window.

Here's a new (rendered today) test render of what I'm working on for her.

Anniversary graphic

That's at 1/3 of the the final resolution.

And a full res section of the thing.

Whitegold ring

Still tweaking materials and lighting for it though...lucky I still have a few weeks untill it has to be finished.

Oh...and splurging...have I neglected to mention the 2 airline tickets for our little trip to sweden? :wacko:

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Wow, congrats mate. Hope you have many, many more happy years. Pretty amazing that you met someone halfway around the world too. Sure she's gonna love those renders, women love that sort of stuff. Good to see you're keepin up in max too. :)

Is that trip gonna be your first back since you left? And as for the splurging, you work damn hard for your money. Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and do it. Not like all the stuff you bought was frivilous, was just razzin' ya bud. :D

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Thanks guys.

Well the new rig is up and running now, still haven't got either GR, 3dsm or photoshop installed so I haven't been able to get anything done in the last few days.

@SC: Sure will be my first trup back home since I moved, 4 years is a long time to be away from friends and family so naturally I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone again! Can't say I look forward to that darn long flight though!

@Silver sword: The whole idea with the ring, book and resulting shadow isn't mine, it's something I've seen over at CGTalk.com some months ago and simply copied and adapted to fit my own needs. Writing and pattern on the whitegold ring is a copy of what my wife's wedding band acctually looks like though, managed to get a few decent photos of the pattern while the wife had her ring off and back turned :ph34r: Had to repaint the pattern by hand though as the photos had all to much reflections in them to be of any use.


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