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Facing my final curtain!


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LOL...knew that would bring up some speculations. :rocky:

Lets just say it will be a short barreled flat top without any other accessories than sight (iron sights for one version and Eotech for the other) and Magpul just like Whispers beauty.....could just aswell be a KAC SR16 that I'm making :ph34r:

Btw...exactly what is a CQBR btw? isn't that just a shortbarreled flat top??

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Fair enough....well, this one will most likely come with the standard M4 forearm...just don't have time right now to make the RIS, unless I cannibalise the AK5D RAS that I already have laying about for a rail system.

Here's the P90 TR in it's quiet flavour.



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That is awesome SF. Love the SD version. As for the hole being small the 5.7mm bullet is, iirc, a 22 caliber so it's tiny.

As for the CQBR it's a reciever produced by Crane with an 11.5 inch barrel for use by Navy SEAL teams.


And some pics can be seen here, in action with DEVGRU.


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GR.net finally seems to of let me back in again, for some reason it just wouldnt open for 3 whole days. Every other webpage I tried opened without problems bar GR.net :wall:

So after sitting in a corner for 3 days with a paniced look on my face, mumbling something incoherent about checking posts and PM's I'm finally home again :D

@Zeko, SC is spot on...the P90 fires a 5.7mm bullet and doesn't really need that large a hole. I might wanna double check that I haven't done it to small though.

@Chems: What tutorial mate? :huh:

@SC: the M4 will most likely end up being a "normal" commando configuration as I'm honestly not that fond of the RIS foreend.

@D: It's all photos mate so I can't take credits for it...lol I did have to cut it up and piece it back together again though so I could make a wrap around texture out of it.

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We'll see what it turns into mate, right now I'm just that little bit to busy to even think about starting on it...Woolies has me rostered for 6 days this week (would of been 7 unless I had specificly requested tomorrow off :blink: ) and I've got a model to complete for the VBS1 Challenger2 mod.

The high LOD model is completed but it's probably going to take me a while to texture as I'm dealing with a higher polygon count than I've ever mapped and textured before aswell as very large texture maps (1 1024x1024 and 1 512x512 map to be used, original request was for one 2048x2048 map :o )

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