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Facing my final curtain!


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Nahhhh...no pressure at all (insert sarcasm here!) :wacko:

Inbetween this, SWEBAT, the :ph34r: , the L82A2 shorty for the VBS2 Chally2 mod, and 2 personal modelling projects I'm suprised I even have time to breathe!

Atleast I got some progress on the P90 yesterday, there's some pretty tricky shapes on that sucker though if you want to get it exactly right!

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The M4 should come in atleast 4 different varieties...not counting possible camo paintjob, something the P90 is in recieving right now courtesy of Whisper :thumbsup:

As for the M4...I've always blindly refused to make any Colt M16/M4's and will not be making it this time around either...so expect some other make and model than a Colt :ph34r: It will be based on the same design and have a Commando length barrel though.

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Olympic Arms right? Looks SWEET man! Is it real or airsoft?

Its real, i like it exceapt for the stock. Im the old stock type of person, i like the fiberite telestocks. It looks great though whisper, i wouldnt mind having one :o=

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