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Facing my final curtain!


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As the topic says I've desided to face my final curtain and "retire" from GR modding, most likely from game modding all together. It's been a long learning experience for me and I feel that it's time to move on to new and maybe better things, learning 3DSM better is one of those things. I'd like to thank this whole forum for supporting me and driving me towards making better and better models, aswell as introducing me to some nowadays really good friends.

For those of you that are thinking "What about SWEBAT?" right now I can assure you there is no need to worry, I will see SWEBAT to an end before I pack up my gear and move on. It's to big a project for me to just drop and I'd hate to see all that hard work, from me and the rest of the crew, go to waste. Modeling stages of SWEBAT is nearly finished though and after that there will be mostly scripting left leaving me to proceed with other personal projects in the free time that I currently dedicate to SWEBAT.

If you now are wondering why I have brought this up at this time even though I still will be around and modding GR for a few more months it's because I've more or less desided to go out with a bang. As a last GR project I'll be making a small weapons mod with requested weapons only and I'd need some requests on what the community would like to see in it. This is your chance to "force" me into making that M4 that I've sworn not to make... :blink:

Here's what I have planned to make:

1 Handgun

1 Submachine gun

1 Assault rifle

1 Machine gun

1 Sniper rifle

and 1 AT weapon.

In other words 6 models all to gether (maybe more depending on possible suppressed versions)

For every category that you have a request in post it in this thread and I'll keep a tab on the score daily and eventually state the winners.

A note however, at this time DON'T put in requests for sight's, flashlights or any kinds of addons to the weapons. All I want is the base weapon and we'll worry about the rest later, the list would get all to confusing if it were to have for example 5 different M4 versions with just different things on the rails.

Also clearly state what it is you want, if you write "Colt M4" I'm simply going to list it as a vanilla M4. A good example here would be "Colt M4 SOPMOD with carryhandle". The same goes for things like the G36, put "H&K G36" in and it will be listed as a vanilla G36...not that G36K with KAC rail that you wanted it to be for.

If you have any questions about this feel free to PM me about them.


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Sorry to hear you leave Snow :(.

keep a count? hmm, as a supporter Snow, you could always use the polls. :P Maybe open it for a week.

Just a thought... :whistle:

And should you name all the weapons that you have done and has made it into a mod, so you won't just move it in :P:devil: jk. Just said that so we won't see any MP5SD with Eotech, or SA80, XM8, AT-4 and such since Snow has already made those and packaged them into a mod... ;)

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:( Sorry to hear that you will be leaving snow. What about all the new games coming up?

Has for the weapons-

1. Glock 18c

2.Cant think of nothing exceapt a HK UMP

3. Colt Commando

4. 50cal SR cause i havent really seen you make any.

5. Whats the launcher thats reloadable and has the screen you look through. There was one in Resident evil 2

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OMG! I love your models, your nick, your avatar -- that you would bail here and not at least dabble in some aspect of game/model design is a IMHO a real crusher to the free mod scene...

You probably never knew it but I pointed literally hundreds of people to images you your image directory as examples of what's possible; and I know for a fact that you've served as a big inspiration to a lot of beginning Modelers. As these guys are always stunned to see that a 'freelance guy' can surpass commercial work and do it in his spare time.

To be fair you've modeled just about every 'looker' of a weapon and done it about as good as present technology can manage as far as I can see. Any chance you may license your work for use in other mods and total conversions if they show the 'SnowFella' logo and name?

This is, quite honestly the worst news I've heard related to Clancy games period... Just your nick cheers me up when I see it... I'm to choked up to post last requests now...


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I won't really be leaving a 100%, I'll still be around the forums as this place more or less is a second home for me. Got to have somewhere to show off the coming projects that I have in mind too :ph34r:

And we'll just have to wait and see if I come back to modding again after I finally toss in the towel, right now it's something that's fully set in my mind and that I'm acctually looking forward too. Lately I've started feeling pretty darn burned out by the long hours I spend at the computer and I'm dying to have some time away from it all. Even though I love making models and trying them out ingame it somehow just doesn't feel any fun anymore, it feels more like something I have to do instead of something I want to do.

@B: I gave the polls a thought but opted against it as you only can have a certain amount of options to choose from in a poll and there might be just a few more options to pick from than what they support.

And as for already made models, if it turns into something that I've already made I'll just go back and rework the old model. I'm sure I can do a better job out of alot of my guns now than what I originally made.

Once I start getting alittle bit more of a list I'll redo the front page of my website (finally get rid of that blank white page that's only saying "Under Construction") and start displaying the current score there.

@Pingvinx: That be the MG36 or just a normal G36 with C mag?

@RR_GRT: Old Colt Commando (Ie Vietnam era) or the newer Colt M4 Commando?

.50cal SR...are we talking the good ole Barett M82 here?

And the AT weapon...would that happen to be the Javelin launcher?

@Streinger: You did have a bit of a heads up there mate ;) Have to say I'm sorry bout the content in that email too. And ofcource you have to pick something that I don't have a single picture of! :wacko: LOL

@Hoak: Never knew that indeed mate! Me leaving isn't the end of the world though as there are plenty of new talents just waiting to be let loose. I knew nothing about modding when I first came to these forums and if I can learn it anyone can!

As for previously made models, I'll still be around and if anyone want's to use a model of mine in a mod all they need to do is PM me a request for it, depending on the storyline of the mod I'll give a yay or nay.


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I'm not gonna say goodbye..because frankly, there is no goodbye.

You may be leaving the GR-community, but I'm sure I'll be seeing your work again in some thread on CGTalk: bigger and better ;)

I'm glad you're taking your skill to a higher level and with the dedication you've got, I'll be damned if you won't get there.

So, on to greener pastures my friend and thanks for giving GR that little extra umpf with the work you've shared with us.

Go for it! :D

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You can never leave,

But my small suggestion for a weapon that has yet to be modelled and released (I know there is one planned in the Nam mod)

For the support Weapon a M60 with Bipod, NOT an E3 or anything just standard M60.

For the Sniper Id like to see a MSG-90

For the SMG Id like to see the FN P90.

Thats my suggestions.

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Well... *sniff* :'( I guess Ghost Recon was damn lucky to have you as long as it has, and yes of course you're right the are lots of great talents here, and while I download every GR mod and try it your work particularly caught my eye for it's sense of style that just hits me 'just right'...

Oh well I guess I better chime in with my 'weapon wish' before it's too late... I wish for the SCAR; this is 'the real' weapon the Ghosts would be using after roughly June of this year, not the XM8 seen in GR2 and elsewhere which is a infantry weapon.

The SCAR is a USSOCOM program set out to design a weapon to much higher standards of reliability, accuracy, modularity, and performance 'Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR). Information is still incomplete as the weapon just passed the trials and was accepted. Pictures are scarce but there are a few good ones like this image of both the SCAR-L & SCAR-H. Literally anything can be attached to these weapons like the M4 SOCOM, so they can be decked out any way that pleases a modeler. Here's the known poop so far:



- clicky for big big image -

Classification: SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle)

Caliber: 5.56 SCAR-L & 7.62 SCAR-H NATO

Ammunition: FMH, JHP, MB

Rate Of Fire: ~600RM Adjustable (Preliminary)

Effective Range: ~Typical

Weight: 7.7 Lbs (L), 8.5 Lbs (H)

Attachments: Any M4 SOCOM System Attachment

Description: New Standard Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle Design...

Manufacture: Initially FNH U.S.A., SCAR/SOFCAR Will Be Licensed

Year Entered Service: Mid 2005

Detail & Features: The U.S. Special Operations Command has awarded FN Herstal USA, Inc., the contract to produce SOF Combat Assault Rifles (SOFCAR), or SCAR, for U.S. elite and special forces. The weapon employs a long stroke, adjustable gas-piston system rather then the problematic direct gas-impingement system seen on Colt rifles. Has a quick change barrel system, and modular receiver group planned that will allow the weapon to be be reconfigured rather like the Stoner Weapon System.

Information is preliminary and mostly classified at this time but the known facts are the SCAR/SOFCAR uses the M4 SOCOM Modular Weapon System, and consists of of two basic rifle platforms - the SCAR-L light 5.56mm NATO and the SCAR-H Heavy in 7.62mm. There is also mention in some articles about the SCAR of a 6.8 Remington SCAR-SPW and an 'Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module' -- a 40mm grenade launcher with a 'fire control system'.

The weapon utilizes an updated/upgraded FN FNC upper receiver w/M1913 Picatinny rail system, mated to a modified M4/M4A1 carbine-config/type lower receiver rumored to be based on the Heckler & Koch HKM4...

Resources: Overview Of SCAR Program On Defense Review, SCAR Weapon Specification Summery

P.S. I think it would be cool if you carved, or stamped your name or initials in one or all of your guns...

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If someone has already modeled a SCAR or has one in progress, you might be interested in modeling it's competitor the Robinson XCR which many felt was the better weapon and didn't get the contract due to 'big money'... The XCR poop and pictures:

Weapon Name: Robinson Arms XCR-L SCAR


- clicky for mogo size image -

Classification: SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle)

Caliber: 5.56 & 7.62 NATO

Ammunition: FMH, JHP, MB

Rate Of Fire: 1100RM/5.56 750RM/7.62 (adjustable)

Effective Range: Depends On Configuration

Weight: 6.7 lbs.

Attachments: Any SOCOM System Attachment

Description: Robinson Arms desing entry to the SOFCAR program

Manufacture: Robinson Arms

Year Entered Service: 2004

Detail: The XCR is the RA entry for the SOFCAR program, and though it did not win the contract; many regard it as superior weapon to the FNH SCAR in virtually every regard, and it will likely continue to be deployed by U.S. SOG that do weapons aquisiton under their own authority like the Navy SEALs, and Special Forces as they have with the Robinson Arms M96...

Images Of Various XCR Configurations:

XCR-L 5.56 CQC (right side)

XCR-L 5.56 CQC (left side)

XCR 5.56 SA


XCR Gallery

XCR Consumer Page


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Good luck,I know exactly how you felt,I got "lost" modding,it was taking up way too much of my time,and life was being neglected!!

I'm sorry to see you go,but for me GR as we know it is dead,it no longer holds the appeal,there are better platforms to mod for,especially the HL2 Engine.......ah 3dmax.......love it or hate it,just keeps calling you!!

Best of luck for the new year!!

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It is sad to see you go, Snowfella but i totally agree with Deleyts' comments. It will only be a matter of time before we see some new things from you, maybe on cgtalk or in the end-credits of a next generation computergame.

I wish you and your family all the best of luck and it has been an honour to have worked with you and to have learned from you! ( and admired your work :D )


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@Streinger: You did have a bit of a heads up there mate  Have to say I'm sorry bout the content in that email too. And ofcource you have to pick something that I don't have a single picture of!  LOL

That can be fixed...just let me know if you are serious about making one...

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Sorry to hear you are leaving Snowfella, all the mods and work you have released for Ghost recon have been great eye candy, and lots of fun to play, also really looking forward to still seeing your work in sweebat, You have been a great help to all the new people to modding and I wish you all the best.

as for weapons i like the colt commando idea (newer model?) and the M82 sniper rifle (the newest model with rail?), I also like chems idea of a M60 machine gun (the old version with bipod). Javalin missile sounds cool too., will have to give the other catagories some thought.

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Like I (might have :blink: ) said over in the other forum, I'm really sorry to see you go.

Hoak's right, you were one of my big inspirations to go into weapon modelling. :'(

Anyway, the one model I'd like to see most of all is the IMI Micro-Tavor (MTAR) SMG.

Good luck in your future ventures. :thumbsup:

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Too bad that you are planning on leaving your moding work. I think that may new modder look at your work in awe. Better to get out when you can, before you blow up in your head or something. Glad to hear that you will be around to help if needed and that you won't go away forever yet. :devil:

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