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Multiplayer for PC


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Right i have a question about the multiplayer system for the PC, i searched the forums both here and at the official one's but never found a mention of how the multiplayer will work....

i was reading that the x-box and playstation were going to have different types of multiplayer, i'm not sure if that ever happened because i never went and got either, i'm holding out for the PC version. but previews were saying the systems wud either involve ghosts vs ghosts (x-box i believe) or ghosts vs mercenaries (PS2)

but i was wondering which the PC is getting? and whether the system of specialist disciplines was being included for the PC? with players training up over time online to become one of four types or spreading themselves across all four disciplines. which i personally think is a good idea to reinforce teamplay and clan play with in the GR2 community as it wud give great advances to a squad who had different skills to use as and when needed.....

anyway if anyone has any info on this, or a link to a report i've missed then i'm all ears.....

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