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Pistol Showdown


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Hmmm, I just wanted to share this with the community. It took places several months ago when GHOST use to be hardcore v1.0 players.

GHOST_Worf, GHOST_Kron, GHOST_Raven, and I decided that it was time to fool around on Embc, one of the most popular maps on Ghost Recon (Well atleast for 1.0.) We decided to set the game up for Pistols only, infinate spawn just so we can continously spawn and come around.

We were all in Ventrillo ranting on about how big the damn map was for pistols. We all decided to meet out in the center of the map in front of the embassy. Of course we were all standing around talking on Ventrilo, a few of use were dropping prone and jumping back to our feet quickly. Have you ever see that wierd glitch where you drop prone so fast that your guy goes vertical and belly flops? Looksl ike it would hurt, but its entertaining to watch.

Soon everyone was goofing off and crawling around, twisting there bodies all over and what not. I remember crawling up to one of the guys and just shooting him in the foot with the silenced M9SD or whatever. It was hilarous, everyone started shooting each other in the foot, limping around, droping prone and twisting there torso's around shooting each other in the legs.

Of course it takes a while to kill someone on GR when your shooting them in the leg. Some of use died and just came back into the middle and continiously goofed around...

Eventually we decided to have a pistol showdown. Most hilarous thing ever. Two people would line up and there would be a reff. The ref would line them up so that he could both see them, and they where as far appart as they could. In other words, each guy would face each other and back up and the reff would say when they were about to leave his screen. (Reff stood in Embc front gate and made sure the two where on each side of his screen.

The reff would voice over Ventrilo to DRAW. Two fully trained military professionals would be shooting each other, there aim would get knocked around each time they got shot. It took several shots, but eventually one would be the victor...

I seriously wish I had video's of those matches... It was hilarous to see the two shooting each other. Eventually we started shooting each other in the foot and yelling at one another over Ventrilo, but nothing to serious. Good times...

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