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Throat Mics


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Since you obviously know what your looking for you might find it here, i have used it once or twice but i warn you it might take a bit of hunting around to find the bits your after, if its in there at all that is......  ;)


Thank you very much sir!!

Who knows what we'll come up

with next time?


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I know I'm taking this off-topic again but whomever claimed the rangers wore 6-color BDU's in Somalia is incorrect. Their K-pots had them, while their BDU's were 3-color. The reason being the BDU's were available in this color, however helmet covers were not. Read the book, it explains it. Pictures follow:


Last image doesn't show much, through it in because it's the only image taken on the ground Oct. 3.


RIP-Richard Kowalaweski


RIP-Lorenzo Ruiz

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I wasn't going to bring this up again, but now that it's been mentioned...

The pics on militaryphotos.net are from both Op Gothic Serpent (Task Force Ranger) and Op Restore Hope (everyone else, including the 10th Mountain Division). The pics of the boys in the 6 colour BDUs are not from the 75th Ranger Regt.

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Ive tried acouple..i geuss you could say sorta cheap throat mikes while playing painball and airsoft. If you try and go cheap make sure you have a buy a expensive mic cause it wont pick up anything..it will sound like your mumbling and youll have to yell which will give off your position.

But i think if you get a good one then its better then a boom mic because you dont get the breathing hard if your running around which sounds like loud static.

...if your doing this only to talk on TS2 or vent....you have to much time on your hands :rofl:

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Ahhhhh...thanks, that's what I thought. Now, b/c it picks up sound directly from the vocal cords, does that mean you can whisper and the msg will still be audible? That would be very useful for those stealth situations where the enemy is closeby.

Ok sounds works by the ear picking up sound waves: air being vibrated. A microphone works like this aswell, converting the vibrations into a digital signal.

Now a throat mike goes of the vibrations made by your vocal cords, essentialy what you are saying before the air comes out of your mouth. If you whisper, it will be clearer, but not the same. Because when you whisper you change how your vocal cords move. It will sound like you are whispering. But yeah, if done right, its an ultra clear signal, no wind noise or birds etc. Essentially you can talk nice and quiet, but still be audible to your firends.

As for real word SF, god knows.

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LOL thats funny how you guys love some argueing and debating about the smallest silly things...... :lol: .....thanks god i didnt ask about the batteries...... :rofl:

That RA-440 is awesome....thats U$ 19,00 just the mic part?

How much did your custom made cost at all? Sounds very interesting.

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After much testing, real world and on the range, the one factor that must be considered when discussing mics is the accompanying earpro - hearing protection. This is why the Liberators/Liberator IIs rank so high in terms of usability. By offering hearing protection/amplified hearing/communications all in one package, the operator gives up none of his senses and gains the ability to effectively interface with his Team.


The same company we buy from also offers throat mics


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