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Animated textures


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Check animated and then add the rsbs in the box on the left.

If you multi-select them, make sure you select the images in reverse order.

You're only allowed to use 9 images in one animation. :(

if your thinking about the skybox then it may look weird because of the way its made.

Skybox' can't use animated textures. :(

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I tired using animated textures on my XM29 Mod for the Reticule, just to produce the effect of digital numbers scrolling but found Animated textures wouldn't work for reticules.

You may or may not find they'll work for your wounds, as their use seems to be controlled some how in the game engine.Trial and error really.

I think you can animate them once in sequence, looping round and round, or ping pong (forward and back), more stuff on them in the Levelbuild pdf.

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It wont work, animated textures only work if they have a 0 helper point or something like that, I cant remeber but I spent a long time trying to get an Animated texture to do something once.

Not true. I have animated textures in YOTM and have never used any kind of helper point.

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