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USSOCOM Afghanistan skin mod

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:D This is a very fine Mod, worth the DL !

But one Criticism: The Credit.txt File is unexactly, there are no Emails Adresses from the involved Modders inside. In this case i have no chance to know whichone i have to ask if i need a Permission.

And by the Way: The Attachments are not from me alone, mostly a common Work with MURMEL, DVS, StereoG and so on...you have to notice.

"Feel free to use/adapt any of the skins here in your own mods."

Are the Skins only your own Work ? If it so, you can give a generally Permission to use, its a good Idea. But for the other contained Stuff, the Names & emails (or Websites) from the Modders would be helpfull !

But however: Keep it up, good Work ! :D

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@ Sixpence_ Really sorry. After your PM I did a new credit file with the names from the credits in your mods. Is this not on the D/L, if so I sent Rocky the unchanged version or I didn't save the changes. I didn't think about putting in their e-mail addresses, I can do the credits again if it helps.



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