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WWIIIFFF Part2 Mod cancelled

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Hello all

After having decided to cancel work on the 2nd part to my mod, I think its only right to let you all know about this. There is still like another month prolly of work to be done on it, and honestly I just dont have that kinda time anymore, especailly with the holidays coming and my interest has also shifted to OFP modding, which has always been my favorite game.

So anyhow, sorry, I can say I did spend about 5 months on and off trying to get the 2nd part done, but I have lost interest and the will to spend more many hours on it. Call it a lost project I guess.

Thanks to everyone that took part in the adventures of the 1st part, even after I had pretty much gotten sick of playing it myself for fun, I still enjoyed running the missions long after that just imagining other people playing it, trying to get across the farm feild alive, or meeting the spetz natz in the woods suprisingly only to just after get ambushed by another group of em from behind, this was certainly a trip and I thank you all for being a part of the mod.

Responses are welcome but please dont ask me to continue work on the 2nd part, not being mean, but Im donewith it :)

Thanks again


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Why not hand it off to someone else? :whistle:

Had thought of that, thing of it is dude, testing alone requires some SERIOUS time, I spent many hours testing as I went, and testing will still require alot of time in just what is finished for the 1st mission alone, there are a few bugs in what is finished in the first mission, and to test them and see what the problem is requires time and focus because the script is very complex. I guess what I am getting at is I dont want to hand it over just to see it come out bad and it partially blamed on me, not saying you or anyone else wouldnt do a good job, just saying there is alot of committment involved in finishing it and having it done right, which is why I just wont anymore.

I would say, just thinking about the time involved to complete everything, that if one spent say 3 hours per night working on it, it would take at least a month - and that time would be longer as time spent lessened per day.

Beleive me, I want to see it done, but I just have a hard time seeing it happen right now, actully cant believe people are still interested with this, I figured by now it woulda faded out with all the other spectacular mods that have come out with new vehicles and options and whatnot, great, now I feel like pure crap.

I am afraid to hand it off, really I am, only thing that might make this happen is to find people willing to help finish it, and I couldnt find anyone to help before so I dont know.

Sorry for rambling, I fear both handing it off and getting back into it, let me ponder all of this. If anyone might be interested in helping me get this thing done, please message me, its the only thing thats keeping a little motivation alive right now.

I do thank you for the care, I really did think everyone forgot about this :wacko:


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Well dammit, now that I am getting a major concience about all of this (forgive my bluntness).

Guys. I am beggin for some help on this, I need, I really need someone or more to get this thing done and finished, and I mean all of that done right, not just rushed to be finished carelessly, but rushed to be finished and the story done.

Truth be known, there are only 3 missions in this thing that are playable, alike the 1st part, but the 1st mission is HUGE, very unique and complex, the 2nd mission is not so complex but a task nonetheless, and the 3rd mission is barely started but not severly complex. I intend to have an ending cinematics, and thats it.

Heres status on the missions:

1st mission almost complete, need alot of testing tho and refinement

2nd mission needs completion and some testing, not a real complex mission tho

3rd mission has only the basics complete, map, concept, and needs completion and testing

Heres what needs doing aside from the missions themselves

Need Russian faces tested and placed on a few Rus Regular models that are used often in missions, prolly like bout 30 or 40, a process of testing mostly, just a matter of changing faces in the editor, no retexturing or nothin.

Actually, thats the worst of it right there as far as miscelaneous goes.

So, people help me out please, of course anyone involved in completing the mod will be a part of it, in credits alike.

If I can get someone to work with me on this, time to completion could be as near as 2-3 weeks - that would be awwsome, if no one helps me, I just dont know, all I know is that people actually showing some concern for this mod has totally re-kindled my motivation, but if u fellas wanna see this thing get done before GR2 comes out and takes over, help me out! :yes:

I am quite good at distributing tasks and whatnot, so I could effectively use someone to help, and it would be when u have time to work on it, no demands.

I can say its worth the time if you think only 3 missions in a mod is bs, the 1st mission alone is practically a mod in itself, and the other 2 are very unique.

This is my S.O.S. for WWIIIFFF part 2, take it as you will but I am dead serious about what I have said.


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Thanks to Rocky for putting the S.O.S up lol, unfortunately I have already found myself delving back into the campaign furiously :wacko: All cause a few folks here :thumbsup: had to be sad about me leaving this behind, I just wanted everyone to say "thats cool dude, np", lol, shoulda known otherwise :P

So anyhow, I am very much looking for a little help, and I am sure my previous 'help' post would scare anyone away, I really need just help with 2 things that would really help get this done in a reasonable time:

I really need someone to be willing to put in a few (or more lol) hours into gettin new faces of russians on russian soldiers, this is not a complex task at all, I made 20 some spez naz by doing this, it just takes time, having to line up a bunch of the same soldiers in a test mission and then transfer new faces to their file and then check em over and do it again till some faces match the model and some wont and are dropped. I would certainly give full credit in the campaign for this. (I mean credit shown in the game, not just on the readme)

And lastly, going to need testers soon! First mission aside from final testing is DONE :) , second mission is nearing completion already!(worked from 3:00pm or so up till now cept for 4 1/2 hours of sleep :wacko:

Anyone willing to help test will also be credited in the campaign, testing is a job especially with the first mission, hell of alot goin on there.

Thats the scoop, if this thread goes buh-bye with no responses dont matta, Im gonna get this done, it prolly wont have all the spectacular cinematics the first part did, but the missions will kick a#$, the first mission gets so real it gets me laughing at it sometimes even after testing it periodically for the last 5 months.

Actually kinda glad people are still interested in this, or else I woulda prolly dropped it. Thanks


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@KRP 56

Thanks, I guess when I quit I didnt realize how close this was to being finished, its just like I said tho, theres not going to be any real fancy cinematics this time except maybe at the end, not sure on that even, just depends on how long it takes to get the rest of this peiced together, main focus is gameplay quality and completion.


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Well I for one would DL this mod for sure!  I loved your part I man, I wanted to see part II and I know you'd make a hell of another mod like the first!  :lol:

Thanks, but.... Understand this taib_killa, it took me 2 years roughly on and off to make that campaign, of course much of that time I was learning how to use the editor, but nonetheless just the cinematics alone took months, so here I am now with almost, I say almost 2 missions of 3 done - if I were to go into doing astounding cinematics again for the campaign tack on another who knows how long, I honestly just want more for you guys than for me now to be able to see the story done, therefore basically as far as the 'glamor' goes, it wont be as good as the first, no way. As far as the missions go, should be better in some ways, more large scale ai vs ai battles where the player joins the fights, and some pretty wild stuff in 'Montignac City', that mission is my baby :rolleyes:

Just want to make all this clear to you guys, this is gonna be more like a mission expansion for the 1st part than it will be a stand alone (even tho it will stand alone :wacko: ) I just dont have the time to spend more months on this to make it glitter and shine, Im sure you all will enjoy the missions, thats what I care about most. Just doesent seem right to leave all that previous hard work sitting in my files, so its comin soon. And ya, its only 3 missions, but no big downloads this time, no music addons or nothin, just the essentials for the missions so it can stand alone, if people want to do the whole thing from part 1 to 2, they can still grab the first part and have the music still and whatnot.

I dont even really care about the ratings or nothin either, no way this will compete with mods like Frostbite and others, its just 3 mission pack, 1 huge extraordinary mission, 1 kinda outright fun large scale mission and a mission to finish her up. Take it as it is, at least you guys get what I did finish, which is better than nothin at all. :thumbsup:


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Heeey, your first mod was amazing! A real one of a kind and no one has done anything like it before or since... I don't think you should shelve part II but I don't think you should bust a nut to finish it either...

Most GR mods are developed by small teams now of one to three people and in case no one has noticed -- take quite a while from start to finish. Enthusiasm for a thing, especially when you grind at something really hard just to get it done wanes... I'd say work on this mod at your own pace, and make it a labor of love; if you energy to work on it fades, that's well and fine to turn to other projects. games and interests with a more conspicuous audience.

But, anything you've put a lot of time and effort into one tends to care a lot about, and it shows in the WW III mod, which is a pretty epic effort for one person. If and when you can work on it and enjoy it, and see it with a vision of the kind of large scale game play you had in mind and how it will actually get playd -- get behind your ideas and run with them until it's not fun...

Just know that there are people here that appreciate it, and I'm certain there will always be a Ghost Recon audience eager for more original work -- however long it may take you even if it's another two years; no one here pays anythign for GR mods, and I think most well appreciate "when it's ready"...


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Shall we put it in the next mods roundup report?  :thumbsup:

Sorry, dont know whatcha mean there Giwex :unsure:

Anyhow, both primary missions are now finished except for final testing and adding pictures/new faces, which is about a days work, so moving on to final mission now. Have decided to have a 'gold' edition that has all the missions in it, only thing is that there may not be the music included with it, only cause this time I am limited to only 50 megs on my web site, and I cant afford to purchase another web site for the extra megs this time.

Will keep posted, anyone interested in helping test let me know please, I will be ready soon for that and I can then do the new Russian faces while someone tests, that would be great.


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Thanks for the kind words, but I am busting a nut on it lol :wacko:

Dont think that the quality of the missions will be any less because of my focus on getting this done, its really just that there wont be the cinematics there were, and honestly if I dont finish this now, it prolly wont ever get done. Its also important to me to get it done before GR2 comes out, once that happens alot of people wont even bother with the original GR, and it would seem almost a waste of time then to keep workin on it.

I have tested both primary missions and they are still fun to me, after months of work, so that right there says to me they should go over well. :)

Back to mission #3 (which map which map which map which map lol :wacko: )


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