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Well, here's some pictures I took. Here are the specs right now:

550 watt power supply

Antec Case

2 - 120mm fans, one w/blue light

standard CD drive

20Gb IDE drive

DFI nF3 motherboard with built in ethernet, audio, usb, and firewire

AMD 64 3200+ CPU

Operating System: Debian

16MB 3DFX PCI video card

10/100 PCI Linksys Ethernet Card




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Ooo, Antec Super Lanboy case!

Gotta love that 3dfx PCI card - I'm still running a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI myself in one of my older systems. Who wrote the Linux drivers for it?

Also, what brand 550W PSU did you get? Some cost as much as the case :blink:

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When I plug my ethernet into the motherboard 10/100/1000 port and then into my Alienware... on XP it shows up as connected and running at 1 Gbps. However, the port of the DFI motherboard on the new machine glows orange... is that something I need to look into? I don't think the version of knoppix-live-cd that I tried is able to recognize it so I can't test it.

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