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Request: M468 with suppressor

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Yeah I do have one that Swartz made, but its too high poly for GR, I do belive that one of the modellers here could easily convert an existing M4 to a M468.

Swartz may even have one already.

Just so were on the same page this is it:


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Anybody also think of making an M-468 rifle equipped with an M-203 grenade launcher?

That would be really sweet too! I'm a big fan of the M-468 rifle because I really like 6.8 x 43 round.

It's too bad the United States Military didn't adopt it. It really has much more advantages than the 5.56 x 45 round. I'm sure it was a matter of the cost. When you have thousands of rifles made in the 5.56 caliber you really don't want to make the switch.

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I've heard talk of the specops community adopting a 6.8mm carbine to replace the M-4/M-16. Special operations guys are known for wanting compensation for their general lack of firepower and have a habit of using non-G.I. weapons, so the 6.8x43 would prolly be a good switch for them. Whether it's the M-468 or another carbine in that caliber remains to be seen. After all, you don't send an operator where you can send a bullet, and the bigger the bullet, the better. :devil:

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