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Next set of Vehicles

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Now Ive inished Op:Dark Star, I can continue with my Vehicle building. Here are a few o the one Im working on at moment

Basic Hummer (seats 5+Driver in Troops carrier version now)


Hummer Arnement Carrier (seats 3+Driver, and comes in 0.50cal HMG and MiniGun flavours at mo, with Mk19 Auto GL and TOW Launcher in the works - only prob is that if anyone (inc Driver) is sat in front seats the weapons will not fire : may have to tagg them as APC's instead :unsure: )


M35a2(Seats 12+Driver, and comes in Cargo, Opentop (with Shotgun seats !), Fuel carrier etc etc)


Zil-157(seats 12+driver, I was sick of seeing EVERYONE using the M35 truck to run around in EVEN the Bad Guys !! :rofl: )


and as a future Proect, I found the basic model of a Scud Launcher, finished it off and got it working in GR - now it needs a Texture to go with it ;)


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@Stalker : err...the M35a2 was heavily overloaded ???? oh ######, yes I noticed it was set to low as well - but not anymore LOL :D

@RR_GRT : Yep, XmanL's MRLS is a good model (I helped out with a tagging problem he had with it) and Im impressed by it - was gonna approach him about possibly adding it to the Vehicle Mods - but I got the impression it was for a specific Mod, so who knows ? :wacko:

Im also currently working on a LAV-25, a T-55 and a TOW Launcher to be mounted on the Hummer (and also as a Stationary Weapon) ...... amongst many other things off-course ! :rofl:

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Just knocked these up this morning, gentleman (and ladies) I give u :

Hummer with TOW launcher


and also the TOW Launcher stationary weapon


all that needs doing is detailing the tex file and adding lighting/shade etc. :thumbsup:

@Sixpence: Ths Scud Launcher is far from ready (unless u wish to texture it for me ?), and when I do complete it I will do a version in 'Travelling' mode. The basic vehicle body itself is also the basis for numerous other vehicles (such as a huge MRLS vehicle, Costal artillery gun etc etc) and I will proably do some of those as well :rofl:

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ghost recon does not support player controlled vehicles but they can be given plans by mission scriptors to follow given paths, the tires of some can be shot out, try operation dark star it has a bunch of his new vehicles in it.

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Nice work mate ;) Though l hadn`t seen the Scud before. You should show me EVERYTHING!! LOL But not THAT....put THAT away.

So when do we get to "Let slip the dogs of war" in them or around them then?? next landline?


Steel bonnet

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Yes, but slowed down due to illness (again !) and the need to see my wife occasionally ( :devil: ).

At the mo Im looking to reskin and tweak the Hind (if anyone knows where theres a hi-res side on pic of a Hind, please let me know :thumbsup: ) and then do the Hip model. Im also considering doing a set of UAZ models (top up, top down, Kord armed etc) for the OpFor Vehicle Pack.

I will set up a new thread about this soon. :D

The Allied pack also is coming along with a Chinook and Cobra finished for it. All I need for the Allied Vehicles is to finish of a Bradley, LAV, Stryker .......... :rofl:

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