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GR2 PC Wishlist


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We are going to try a little experiment here ... hope it works :)

Previous GR2 wishlists dealt with what people wanted changed between GR1 to GR2. Now that the GR2 Xbox is out, we are starting a new wishlist to see what people would like to see changed between GR2 Xbox and GR2 PC.

Red Storm does monitor fan forums, and has a solid history of implementing fan requests into their games. We want this wishlist to be a one-stop simple and clear list for the devs to read.

Please list what changes you would like to see in point form in an objective neutral manner. Note that this thread is NOT for questions or discussions about the merits of a proposed change - that should be left to the regular part of the forum.

Forum staff reserve the right to edit this particular thread aggressively to remove anything we deem as inappropriate comments. We also reserve the right to post other people's suggestions here with modifications to the original poster's language to make their statements more clear or less negative or inflammatory.

Edit: Also, in an attempt to keep this wishlist lean and mean, please do your best not to repeat suggestions made in previous posts as they will be deleted at our discretion.

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OK, here's an example of what I mean ... Kurtz has made some great suggestions in his original post here


and I have reposted it here with a few edits that follow our above guidelines ;)

1. I would like to see orders implemented to have more precise control over the squad in GR2 PC.

a) The most important improvement would be an "advance to" command instead of "advance". It could be context sensitve or a one button order targeted to a specific location on the ground. The squad would go to that location and wait further orders.

b) Rework the hold order so that the squad must hold in place until it is ordered to move or regroup.

c) A "recon" order where the squad moves forward in a targeted direction until it makes contact, reports contact and takes cover until further orders.

d) The hold, suppress and regroup orders are good. The flank orders are too vague, you have no idea where they are going to end up. The only way a flank order would work is if you could tell where they were going to end up, as in using a waypoint system.

d) The order command should be hotkeys, not menus. There were no menus in GR and that was good. Please do not make a heads-up menu for rate of fire in the PC version.

f) I did not see how you could string orders on the Xbox. Please make this mechanism more clear in the PC version, perhaps with the use of tac map.

2. The far spotting range for enemy AI should be the same as GR 1. It is too far in GR2.

3. My experience on the Xbox was that they ran in front of you, did not use cover, did not evade fire and just took hits until they went down, and did not automatically heal team mates, only reported it. Please improve the team AI and allow them to be more autonomous.

4. I felt that the GR1 enemy and team movement animation was more realistic than in GR 2. For example, the enemy AI have the ability in full run to make a sudden diagonal 45 degree cut worthy of the best in the NFL.

5. Bring back the blood and the limp.

6. Put a selection of suppressed weapons in for MP, quick mission and especially for "recon" gametype. Choice is the key to variety and replayability. Make the M29 available for all quick missions.

7. Include some interior settings for a little variety.

8. Ship "Stone Ed" and all modding tools with the CD.

9. Fix the Ubi lobby and address cheating. An anticheat program or a third party software like PB could be optimized to check people only once when they enter a server and other intrusive features like Screenshots could be removed or turned off, and this optimizing would eliminate the lag induced by only checking files before the game starts. It also seems that an anticheat could be continually updated or autoupdated, and it would be mandatory only on the Ubi service.

10. Make sure the spawn zones are adequately separated for "seige". Look at the settings in GR.

11. Fix the glitches on see through vehicles.

12. Redo the briefing. Either go back to the static page with voice over or do a real briefing with a vid or cutscene with an officer addressing the squad in front of a map or board. I prefer not to have the briefing like a debrief or after action report. Finish with a static page summary.

13. Redo the voice acting. Make the dialogue fit in the context of the moment, make it mission related. Things like "contact", "tank sighted", "tank destroyed", "we're getting flanked", "man down, need medic", "targeting objective", etc.

14. Put the medic in MP for certain gameplay modes, it would be great for coop and T vs T.

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My wishlist would be:

1. Bring back the Command Map only add some specific commands to it.

2. Bring back the character development (point system)

3. Open maps, I dont like the linear maps included in the XBOX version. I really like the feeling of strategy GR has, how you plan to do the objectives also you had lots of options to attack a certain location in different ways you had to be very creative on the move.

4. More weapons, silenced weapons are a must have.

5. MMI Grenade Launcher :devil: its my favorite weapon.

6. 6 man teams that you can create completely, choose weapons and all, like in GR. 8 man teams wouldn't be bad though.

7. Slots system when you choose your gear like all the Rainbow 6's out there.

Be able to choose kind of uniform, headgear (helmets or hats, not in R6 but would be cool), one slot for primary weapon and customization possibility (sights, mags), slot for secondary and customization, two slots for items (nades, demo charges, etc.)

8. A medic class would be good addition.

9. Keep the game First Person but let us have the option of seeing the gun like in Raven Shield but add Iron Sights like in AA and CoD.

10. The GREAT Co-Op mode the first game had.


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What I would like to see:

1. If possbile, the ability to call Airstrikes in MP coop (would be very unfun to allow them in TvT)

2. Allow for a predetermined/prefered kit selection so everytime you launch an MP game you don't have to tailor your kit. (Or return kit selection to the lobby like in GR1).

3. The ability to use more character skins online (depending on if the network code can handle a full server with guys using alot of different skins).

4. A Sopmod M4 with suppressor :P.

5. Still allow players to change Ret colors in the options.xml file.

6. No full screen night vision in FP.

7. Possibly allow medics in MP (server setting maybe?).

8. Replays.

9. Armpatches.

10. No built in voice comms.

11. 12 players for coop (if the network code can handle it).

12. Maybe allow for the Reference map to be drawn on in MP (similar to the system in place in RvS).

13. Keep the hand signals online, like in Xbox.

14. Sneak in some squirels, chickens and beer cans :P

15. Banning by CD key or something better then just the IP.

16. Ret knock when your shot, ie. you get hit, you flinch (like in GR1).

17. I hate being gimped! But put it back in if possible.

18. A written briefing, maybe after the cinematic and before launch? (in MP Coop just the written one, outlining objectives).

To be updated.

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Good thread. I started similar one while back HERE

-Restrict MAWWS from Light Machine Gunners, SharpShooters, and Grenade Launchers. Things of that nature.

-Add Smoke Grenades

-Add Flash Grenades

-Heard that there is no doors, or actual small room to room battles, add more rooms to levels with that feature.

-NightVision Overlay with realistic Noise, View Mask to limit viewable area, and Light sinstivity.

-Keep Confirmation of Deaths out of the game, Or at least add server side options.

-Make textures look more griddy and worn out. =)

-Make SinglePlayers much less Linear and hollywood actor like.

-If RSE really could add Customizable weapons that would be awsome.

-No running around with Scopes up, a Fast walk or regular walk would be nice.

List of weapons I'd like to see:

-M4 Sopmod accessories

-Mp5, Mp5SD

-M2 50cal as stationary weapons. (still most widely used machine gun in army)

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1. Better variety of weapons on CD (shotguns, knives) and silenced weapons

2. Gun Malfunctions (gun gets shot and it is useless, or it jams and you must spend time unjamming it)

3. Realistic Ballistics

--bullets drop at least for snipers

--bullets take time to travel

--bullets ricochet

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- Switching weapons. No menu. One button for next item is not workable, since there are 4 kits instead of 2. Each weapon needs its own assigned key. You can't cycle through kits in a fight, you need to hit 1 key. The slower weapon switching is great, keep that.

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- SP interface - Keep the structure from GR. First, the briefing phase, include a static page with an objectives summary at the end. Then, the team selection. Allow the player to pick the team and have a default setup. Then weapon selection. Allow the player to select his kits and those of his squad. Then launch the mission, if a mission critical item is missing from the loadout, use a pop up screen to advise, as in GR.

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Create a Reward System similar to those included in fighting games, rewards should be things like:

*New special missions or classic missions the first game had


*Characters, specialists from GR for example

*Gallery and all the stuff the Xbox version had should be in there too.

Points for the rewards should be given according to the skills you showed at:

*Directing your squad (leadership, giving good orders)

*Weapon skills (headshots, accuracy)

*Protecting your squad (provide support when needed, covering fire, healing soldiers as a medic, no one dies, no one gets hit)

*Stealth skills (using silenced weapons, never going into a major firefight)

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The limp - leave it out. It doesn't work in a single character game. In GR, if you got hit in the leg, you switched to another man and let gimpy get back to extraction the best he could. There's no way you could stand to limp through a huge level. It's one thing to have the NK limp, if the combat model applies to you too, no good, doesn't fit.

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I would like to see...

A sopmod m4 with suppressor(as NYR said)

the next two are the most important...

In the over-the-shoulder view, i would like to see the actual weapon recoil.

Improve the muzzle flashes. On the xbox version, the flashes are kinda slow.

I think it would be better with NO muzzle flashes. Make it look more like Full Spectrum Warrior.

Blood, not to much, but at least a puddle of it around a dead body.


I want complete control of selecting my weapons.

I would like to be able to use my knife.

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1 - Less 'action', and more suspense.

2 - More open maps that aren't so linear.

3 - indoor fighting

4 - Flashbangs, smoke grenades

5 - Get rid of the full-screen night-vision

6 - Bring back GR's threat indicator

7 - More precise squad control.

8 - Control more men, perhaps a full 12-man ODA, split into teams, a la Ghost Recon

9 - Realistic ballistics, with bullet drop, time to target, loss of energy and velocity, and object penetration

10 - Bring back blood and the limp

11 - 'Smarter' AI

12 - Bring back Ghost Recon's interface, particularly the multiplayer setup. I understand that this isn't possible on the X-Box, but it should not be tossed out on the PC version.

13 - FULL mod support. That means the ability to add/edit particle systems, surface types, etc, in addition to creating weapon, character, vehicle, and map geometry.

14 - Bring back Ghost Recon's briefing style

15 - Some classic missions from Ghost Recon, ported over, such as M02 Farm

16 - Make everything look more... dirty and worn out.

17 - Make necessary changes to ensure that GR2 is able to take advantage of the PC's increased processing power and software advantages; full DX9 support

18 - The ability to have dynamic insertions/extractions, such as fast-roping into a mission

19 - Actual manned vehicles, unlike GR's infamously useless helicopters

20 - A good mix of indoor combat and wide open outdoor combat. I'm not talking about 400x400 meters, either. I'd like to see some missions taking place over several square miles.

21 - A true first-person weapon view, like OFP. I hate games where your weapon just sits in front of you when you're crawling on the ground, like RvSh. I'd like to see my weapon actually moving around, like VBS1.

22 - Visual recoil. If my weapon is recoiling all over the place, others should be able to see it.

23 - Greater variety of weapons, with the ability to add/remove various attachments.

24 - Working flashlights and lasers

25 - Bring back the raw, in-your-face combat feel that Ghost Recon had. I can't quite articulate it, but it's just something that GR2 lacks.

26 - In Ghost Recon, I always thought it was neat that the characters' uniforms were darkened then they went in the water. I'd like to see that included and expanded in Ghost Recon 2. Surely it would be possible, and hopefully not too system-intensive, to make uniforms look wet when it rains, or get muddy and dirty from crawling around...

27 - Better voice-acting. Bring back the GR1 style of voice-acting, not the Hollywood-esque stuff.

28 - Keep the expanded inventory from the X-Box version. This is actually something I like. Allow us to choose to carry whatever we want, though, basing the limits on weight, not quantity.

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-Non linear maps and missions with better A.I.

- Mod tools.

-Suspense and tension during gameplay not in your face arcade action.

-Multiple teams with soldier switching.

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I would like to see the Missions remain more dynamic in style and play. I prefer to try different approaches in missions. Puts the 'tactical' in Tactical Shooter.

Have choice over characters, classes and their weapons. Plus I would like to have ALL weapons available all the time. An addition of a 'Medic Class' would be a great addition. Allow "heals" in the field.

Be able to control the squads/teamates and their movement. Set advanced way points, and issue commands via a command map. Once a 'hold' command is given, they must wait until further orders.

Allow Foward Spawn Points. Disliked having to start over at beginning in a mission. It could be a specific place on the map that has been captured by your team to work.

More choice of character 'skins', 'head styles'. makes it more personal, especially in MP mode.

Ability to pick-up weapons is good, but ammo absolutely.

I guess that I am asking that GR2 stays a lot like the original GR with some improvements. I still want a "First Person-TACTICAL- Shooter" game. If I want to play any other style, I guess there are many others to chose from. I like how different GR was than all the other FPS games were, and are. ( I am in a clan playing Joint OPs and have converted a few of them into playing GR with me. They love the unique style. Welcome change to JO)

Thankyou for listening..........................danegeld2

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My Ghost Recon II wish list:

1) Be able to switch to at least six players within your squad.

2) Get rid of the medics (or at least be able to turn medic option off).

3) Reduce the muzzle flash on the rifles with flash hiders. Muzzle flash is far too great on rifles with flash hiders.

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Great list so far! I can only add one thing I didn't see anyone else report...

In the Xbox version the enemy will come running over a hill spraying their weapon and actually hit you. I would like to see the enemy use more tactics and not be able to shoot you accurately while running. I wouldn't mind if the enemy AI used suppression fire but keep it realistic if possible. Thanks!

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1. Customizable characters and weapons, so I can choose what camouflage, head gear, upper and lower clothing and each choice affects the base points of the character. So I can choose a ghillie suit to increase my stealth but lower my speed of movement. Same with the weapon, I can choose to add some add ons like underbarrel shot guns which decreases stealth when used, I can also have the option to spray paint my gun with the respective camoflauge.

2. Cameo appearances of GR1 specialists most of them should have been promoted for their actions in russia, eritrea, cuba.

3. More close air support sequences.

4. Smoke grenades, flashbangs

5. In the grenadier class he must have assorted types of grenade rounds, high explosive, flash, smoke, fire spreading, acid etc.

6. Team AI must know room clearing too and CQB

7. Gun camera available for the XM8 like in the latest tv ad.

8. Missions should not be linear, to achive the tactical aspect of a tactical shooter genre

9. Real time environment, if you start the mission by day, you camped for 12 hours the environment would be night time, there must be still a limit for how long the mission could take and the time could affect the alertness/ strength of the enemy, example is if you attack at night tanks would have difficulty to return fire but enemy infantry alertness are high and does more patrolling in the area.

10. New kinds of insertions, fast rope, little bird landing in an elevated area like a rooftop, humvee/striker insertion, dont remove the classic insertions

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I would like to see my weapon but not in over the shoulder view, and with the possibillity to see through the scope when walking, and no goor aim when running. (maybe somtimes you have to bahs in and spray some bullets around, but that's not my stile)

And I really want some indoors fights, with less sight when you come out of a dark building where you were around for some time.

At least 6 teammembers (which to spec ops is still 2 short of a team, we are not like the British SAS, they operate in teams of 4)

Some missions where you command two teams and let them operate together to archief a goal. For instance you communicate with the other team and they let you see through their camera how the scene looks from the other side so you can judge the best way to attack.

In my view the game should look very like GR since I still play that game with very much fun (throw grenades against the back of the head of my brother in law and tell him to get gone befor the blow)

To all the readers who think that something is allready present in GR2 I haven't seen the game yet since I only posess some PC's.

GReetings Forrester

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Thanks to everyone for contributing your suggestions so far!

I have edited the first post to add one more guideline:

Please do your best to read all previous posts and do not to repeat suggestions. I know some people want to repeat things to emphasize a point, but it just clogs up the list. E.g. We all know almost everyone here wants solid mod support out of the box for GR2!

Also, thanks to Kurtz, here's a encouraging note by Ubisoft's GR community manager BulletTooth over at the official GR2 PC forums which I think applies to this wishlist at GR.net:


I've always maintained that feedback and feature suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged. You have seen for yourself that the developers read these boards, so this is a way to communicate your wants and needs to them. The more constructive, the greater the chance of developers beign receptive to input and feedback.

However, we will rarely comment on suggestions as we don't want to get your hopes up that all of your input will be included in the game, but it will at least be listened-to.

Casey 'BulletTooth' Keefe

Ubisoft US Online Community Manager - Rainbow Six & Ghost Recon

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To add to the previous.

Remove the advantage with over the sholder or have over the sholder for moving and cover.

Then when the selected weapon is sighted then you go first person (a bit like the present camera), when sighted make it look as if you are sighted down a weapon and not a reticule like GR1.

Reduce the 'arcady' feel and bring back more stratagy.

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