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Best Ghost Recon Mods?


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There are just so many absolutlely well done mods out there. I can't really say which are "best mods that have ever been created", but I can tell you what my current top three favorites are.

1 Alpha Mod 1.2

2 DTD No Easy Day (single player only)

3 British Infantry


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Degamer, try the following links:

No Easy Day V-1.4 for Ghost Recon

DTD Team Mod V-1.1 for Ghost Recon


Are those mentionned complete like frostbite? I liked that mod even better than the original games (better enemy, nice music and perfect scenery)

Is there a good site to download those mods I dont like the gamespy option

Postcards from Peru I liked also but had some troubles with bugs (from mission 4 on)

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There is also an Officail Frosbite AD-on done by DTD, Cold Call Out


DTD's Cold Call Out modification is an add-on for the excellent Frostbite modification, and requires Frostbite to play. This Mod is designed to put you in the role of a US Naval Special Operator from SEAL team 2, the SEAL unit most tasked with Arctic and cold weather deployments. ColdCallOut  will replace the default Frostbite team skins and a few specialists with SEAL operators, and will add about 26 new Arctic Camo'd weapons that you'd find in a SEAL unit. New sounds, splash screens which fit seamlessly into the Frostbite look, new reticules, all new weapon models, custom character models, and much more. Officially licensed by El Oso, of the Frostbite team! If you liked the Team Mod, you will love this mod also

The other mods listed are total conversions, not to the degree of Frosbite, but pretty much changes eveything else..

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