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Greetings all!

I am creating this thread to discuss and answer questions about Airsoft. I play the game and enjoy it.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is much like paintball except that the weapons are modeled after exact military weapons and use plastic BBs. They come in all shapes and sizes and different types of power sources, such as electic, gas (blowback and non-blowback and spring.

There are many cheap versions out there and I recommend that if you get interested in participating in the hobby, research throughly. There are many dealers but the following is one that I have dealt with alot and totally satisfied with service:

Valkyrie Air

Just to give you an idea of the capability of Airsoft weapons, here are some pictures of different weapons. Yes, all of these shoot plastic BBs.



Variety of Airsoft Weapons


Customized M-16 Varient


If you have questions or would like to discuss this, please feel free!

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I have a few airsoft myself, my main rifle is a MP5 A4 AEG, awhile I also have a older MP5A3 springer. Nothing too special about either, I have a large RIS w/handgrip on the AEG, which i'm looking to replace with a Surefire tactical forearm. Probably get some more magazines, a dual mag clamp, and maybe a red-dot site as well. I did have a FN P90 AEG before my MP5, but I traded it because I wanted something abit more traditional. I've never actually played a proper game of Airsoft, as I live in the boonies, and there aren't many people out here. However, I have a ex Ranger friend I talk to over the net who i'll be hooking up with over the summer and hopefully get to play in a few tournaments together.

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Just wanted to add, while I do love the military aspect of Airsoft, I also have a real passion for collecting gear. I don't have alot as of yet, but a decent amount:

US Military Gear -

Woodland Boonie Hat

Woodland Trousers (multiple pairs, all used/older)

Woodland Field Jackets (Looking to get some new ripstop Woodland BDU's soon)

Polypro Balaclava (OD)

OD Flight Gloves

GI Combat Boots

Multiple laundry/duffle bags

Basic webbing compleat with; pistol belt, Y type harness, one canteen, two M16/Grenade pouches, two first aid/compass pouches, and a Ontario (Kbar reproduction) knive mounted on the left shoulder strap.

My other stuff is mostly German kit, which I recieved recently.

German Gear:

Flecktarn Trousers (New)

Flecktarn Jacket (New)

Flecktarn Parka (Used)

5 piece webbing kit - includes basic harness, canteen cover, buttpack, and another basic pouch.

Medium sized German Flecktarn rucksack.

Other then this, just a few various pieces. I have a Half-cut (PJ/Delta Style) pro-tec helmet which I painted flat black myself.

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Though I'm not into airsoft...I do think its pretty cool...and its huge over here...in fact, I'm not sure if it was a local commericial or nation wide...but did you see it - the people playing were doing like a "room clearing" match in an office...

Pretty cool stuff...

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Those things all look pretty deadly. Plastic bb's must sting a bit?

Do you need a license to own any of those weapons (i'm in the uk, we got a little strict over imitation firearms a while back).

they do sting a little. its comparable to a bee sting i guess? i don't know i've never been stung by a bee.

and no you don't need a license, at least here in the US. if you need a license for paintball, then you'll probably need one for airsoft. my friends have a beretta 92 and a glock, and i have a desert eagle and we love them. i can't afford big guns

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Kamikazi, the mini gun is expensive but not all of the other guns are that bad. No more than you would pay for real good paintball guns.

There are events all across the US for Airsoft. These are usually sponsered by an Airsoft dealer or team. Some events are only one day but other usually are all weekend long and they have day and night missions.

As far as equipment, what you put into it is up to you. Camoflage clothing is a usual investment but the primary equipment is safety goggles, your weapons and BBs.

Airsoft is very big in Japan. Most of the manufacturers are from there and they even have tourneys for money.

Noraf, I have played in games where there are no Hicaps allowed to provide that aspect of realizism. Like on my MP5, a 50 round clip goes fast on full auto! :lol:

How the games are played and conditions are usually set by the promoter. They had an event in California that include members from actual special forces groups. It was a huge event with over 200 individuals playing.

As far as how the BBs feel when you get hit, depends alot on where you are hit and how much clothing you are wearing. :lol: I caught one BB on the chin by an upgraded rifle and it stung for a bit but not too bad. Usually if you are too close to fire, you urge the individual to surrender but if they decide to go for it, then you light them up! :lol:

One of the most unique things I like about Airsoft is the ability to work with weapons that resemble the real thing. Almost on all Airsoft weapons, the BBs go into a clip which you change when you run out just like real weapons. You can also buy accesories to upgrade or just give your weapon a unique look.

They even have shotguns, and M203 launchers. In these cases, the BBs go into the shells and fire more than one BB at a time. For the M203, the shell holds gas and there are 6 holes which hold approx. 22 BBs. When it is fired, it is like a giant shotgun blast. Good for taking out a group that is charging you!

If you have more questions or comments, please feel free to post. If I can't answer it specifically, I do have contacts who can! :D

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believe i read somewhere that the importation of airsoft guns into canada is illegal, but that the selling of them is legal.. im not really sure, correct me if im wrong

I beleive that is correct. I found a site a while back that sold airsoft from Calgary I beleive. If I ever have the cash I'd love to get into this hobby. The guns are just too sweet! Hopefully they don't freak out on airsoft and "illegalize" it, but it wouldn't surprise me. :wall:

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