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the bourne suprmecy


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The weirdest thing, out of nowhere i recalled i book i read once awhile back called the "fraternity of the stone" by david morell. Pretty cool story about a highly trained black ops guy who feels so bad about the things he has done he leaves the business and telling no one becomes a monk. Something like 7 years later an assassin starts working under his identity. to keep our hero from resurfacing and clearing his name attempts are made on his life. of course they are unsuccessful but all his brother monks are all killed. to find out why someone wants him dead and to avenge the deaths of his brothers he begins to track down old agency connections. lots of cool trade craft stuff in the book and overall a pretty good story. i checked it out, this book was written in 85' where the bourne supremacy was written in 87'. david morell also wrote "frist blood" the book that the rambo movie was based on, so he was hardly an obscure writer at the time.

Maybe this happens all the time in the genre? maybe there are so many spy books that authors just end up recycling the same material? Maybe morell got the idea from an even older spy book?

anyway, i just didn't want Ludlum to get off scott free

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umm...it sounds like you are comparing this other book to the movie, not Ludlum's book, which is actually quite different from how Hollywood made it out to be. I still see the parallels, but they're not entirely the same thing when you compare the books.


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