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I haven't seen this noted, but I may have missed it. The link for Frostbite v1.3 takes you to an ATWAR window that says Frostbite v1.3 and contains a link to Fileplanet, but the Fileplanet link lands you on the Fileplanet page for Frostbite v1.2. I tried, but I couldn't find v1.3 at Fileplanet.


Ahhh, it seems that v1.3 is not available as standalone DL. You have to patch from v1.2 to v1.3. The patch can be found at


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hey peeps

broken links which I found are allready posted here, but I want to ask if u want to add more videos in movie section. I saw that the newest there are 2 years old <_< so if u want some new I can give u link

GR Forever - I think I posted on forum this one long time ago. description: a fan GR movie with some nice wiews, effects, screenshots, music+ingame sound and in the end bonus: GR real world locations. This url will be working few years I think, or I can add it to fileplanet when I will found out how to do it.

SVAF R.I.P. - this is a clanmovie with nice intro (the idea is not from my head :) , I saw it in N1-CS vid. Btw the host is same so it will work long time.

p.s. sry if u found this like spam, I was just wondered if is possible to add this vids

p.s.2 if is possible to add the vids, I will post here anothere links to vids which made some friends (Bed-SDmovie,CDquick and Doximor-FeelTheRage)


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