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Another player enters the arena

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Would you be able to send it to a gmail account? they give you a gig of space to store your mails and everybody who wanted the zip could have the password to the account? Not sure how big a file you can send to it but it should work.

Only 10 meg file limit for gmail

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Add me too - ME ME ME ME ME!!!! :)


Oh and we have Paradox, Sarc, Riyker, Dudeman, Le3z0r to add as well.

Can we afford a ship - or do we need to take another town so we can secure more resources. OR get an independant salvager out to clean up those tank husks ;)

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We're running with the Resistance pack, or teh GOTY edition which you can pick up pretty cheaply in the UK anyway.

We have other addons which are listed in the Gulf of Aden Subforum

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