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Another player enters the arena

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:rocky: Hey guys,

Welp, after reading all of your incredible posts regarding this game and speaking to people in the TeamElement and Red-Sector communities I have decided to purchase this game. I just bought the GOTY edition over at Amazon.com.

The action seems intense and realistic. I can now go on operations with all of you without ever leaving my comfy chair! Let me know where you guys play this (server and TS info).

Also, I just learned that The Gamer Planet has an active server running for this game. Let us know what mods you guys want on the server and we'll load it up so that you guys have another place to play.

Hopefully, I'll be up and running by next week or so...

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Glad to hear it En,

As Sart said it'll be good to have another pair of boots on the front line :thumbsup:

We're trying to cut down on the number of mods that we've got, as a number of them we don't use anymore, and we keep finding better ones :)

Looking forward to see you as we move further into Socrata.

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The Co-op aspect is immense. Firefights are louder and more confusing than GR, the scenery can be incredible, and some of the addons literally defy beleif that there free.

You'll love it NC.

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Oh, and NC, don't base any judgement on the stuff that comes with the game, get the addons you need for the MP stuff, and get on a server with the guys.

That's where the real fun is. The stock stuff os okay, but the stuff we've seen and done is I think, amazing.

The addons required will hopefully be sorted out soon, that's the only thing with OPF, the addon system is a bit wobbly, as we've found out as we've added stuff.

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Bloody typical, after weeks of going through all the mods Zebb directs me over here to you guys who've already been playing it DOH! I put a list of mods that I thought were probably the best ones to put in the game to get the most out of it, thats posted here RSi Forums But I'd love to come and have a game with you lot, and if we could get an "essential addon" list I've just bought another 5 copies of OFP for some mates who are all broadbanded up and almost ready to play. Still cant believe I never looked in here :wall:

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Oh my Jebus, we're gonna need a bigger boat.

The mod list is more or less ready. The main addons will be these;

HyK Infantry Pack

LSR Ranger Pack

LSR Delta Pack

Marine Pack

Middle-Eastern Resistance

LSR US Weapons Pack


COMBAT M2/M3 Bradleys

COMBAT Hummers


ZWA Desert Everon

CAT Central Afghanistan v1.3

Winter Everon



I think Sart has a zip of the above files, but he needs somewhere to upload it.

Edited by 2nd Ranger
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I've got most of them covered in my list over at RSi, with a few more in there too, I've included the BAS stuff cos you can do fast rope inserts with the blackhawks which is nice, I put the UKForces in there as well and Winter Nogojev, The Cat Afghanistan map is a superb arena to play in. Which editor upgrade did you go for in the end, kegetys or Barons?

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I checked the other day, it looks like we've been using Kegety's. We should probably start using Baron's update though.

About the Blackhawks; we ditched them, because although fast-roping etc was fun when we first did it, we rarely used it for anything after the first couple of days we had it. It's nothing but a gimmick now, and the birds themselves just cause needless lag that could be avoided by using the stock UH60.

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Welcome Crowman, looks like we've all been headed in the same direction :thumbsup:

Like Ranger said, teh BAS copters, while Jaw dropping, caused us a few headaches, and are more than a bit hungry when it comes to resources.

That was also the reason that we are trying to tidy the number of mods up, as tho there all nice and everything, they do tie you machine up.

The ultimate goal is to have a set of mods we use for specific types of game. Infantry stuff for infantry type games, and Spec Ops stuff for the Spec Ops games.

Check out the Gulf of Aden campaign subforum and you'll get a flavour of what we're trying to achieve.

Hopefully we'll see you and some of the other RSI'ers on Socrata soon :)

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