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hey all,

i just wanted to introduce you to a mod i will be releasing in a few days. It is a character mod that replaces original ghosts with German operators. The kits include a compliment of HK weaponry and maybe the most fun thing of all is the German voices that replace the standard ghost communication. Here are some ss:




New characters are available for all 3 environments. In the spirit of GR, also included are a handful of multinational specialists:




I promise, it will make all playing all your old favorite campaigns a blast.

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Looks good indeed.

Question is how you have added the German voices? If they are ported straight from a German version of GR I'd rethink it as that would be a breach of the EULA and RSE might not look favourably on it. If they are newly recorded voices then it would be a great addition indeed!

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i read up on the 'copyright issues' stalker faced with his mod so i went in another direction.  i think its too bad we had to make a big deal about using the german version sound files though, it was really a brilliant idea.


BTW: I like that Italian UN peacekeeper :)

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just sent the mod to rocky, should be a link in the near future.


in the way of updates Geisterspaehtrupp now contains a collection of the best weapons availble to date.

i also want to make anything in the mod made by me available to other projects, so just include a credit and help yourselves.

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nice mod D-Z, the skins are great but there are some strange things:

1. some voice files aren't very suitable

2. i don't know where you have the german names from but many of them are strange/funny. here some funny ones:

Hugo Arsch: = Hugo Ass (i don't wanna have this name)

Josef Goebbels:(1897-1945) ministre of propaganda during the 3rd Reich

Metzgerei Gammel: "Metzgerei" means butchery. :rofl:

Karl Benz: (1844-1929) ever heard of Mercedes-BENZ?

Johann Goethe: (1749-1832) famous German poet

Hasso Plattner: one of the SAP founders. he's a billionaire so i don't think he needs to work in the Bundeswehr

Hartmut Mehdorn: boss of the Deutsche Bahn (german railway)

Bärbel Balsam & Ulrike Wolf: Bärbel and Ulrike are german girl names

Konrad Adenauer first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Krassimir Balakov bulgarian soccer player, played at my favorite club.

Friedrich Engels: "invented" communism with Karl Marx

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:D Sure, some of the Names are funny. Now i know how feel the english native Speaker if i create english (or irish) Names... :D

But the Models are great and i am able to change the Names myself ( in the atr Files - a Hint :thumbsup: ).

Nice Work, keep it up !

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Don`t worry about the names.. This is an exellent mod! Perhaps the best mod ever made with of the germans.. I think this mod beats every attempt so far.. So what if the names are goofy?!!! It doesnt matter.. The skins and the weapons are top notch. That does matter.. I think D-Z is one talentfull modder.. Better than many of the modders out there...

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