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Sig Awards #23

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Theme: Your dream ride! (I'm looking for a vehicle here. <_< )

Reminder, keep the sigs in compliance with forum and contest rules or they will be deleted/disqualified.

Deadline: December 4, 2004, at Midnight GMT

Judges : Judges are anonymous.

Sig Awards Number 23 is up and running !!

*** ***

BTW, remember to post your entries here in this thread, and I will copy them to the official Entries Thread. This will aid Judging and general viewing of the master pieces.

Good luck to all. :thumbsup:

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@ snared gambit -  I think it's a little on the heavy side.   :yes:

Photoshop told me it was 49.95 kb. I thought it was too good to be true, and it was. :( I'll get it a little smaller if it's too much over.

edit - Here you go: 43kb


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nicely done stalker :thumbsup: ..I was gonna choose skyline, but i had to have my baby

that shelby mustang looks cool, gotta boost it! :ph34r:

Good luck to all :thumbsup:

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Slick lookin Sig mondo66, choppers are one of my fav bikes they sound awesome!

Do u watch the American Chopper show?  :o=

You bet. I also like watching the Chopper build off show. Saw then one episode they aired that had Indian Larry in just before he died.

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