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I recently had a chance to test my mission in multiplayer and found 2 bugs that do not keep the mission from ending successfully, but I wanted to fix anyways. I was also going to add a few more missions to end the storyline.

Here is my dilemna, while I think my work is definately worthy of the download and a must have for any GR fan, it does not seem to have gotten the attention, I feel it deserved.

The post on the front page was mediocre (no offense) compared to those "MUST HAVE THIS MOD" posts and the # of downloads wasn't quite what I expected. It does not seem to have caught the publics interest and I am thinking I must have missed the mark somewhere.

I do realize with GR2 on the way and GR so old, interest has died down, especially for "new" modders, but if something is good, it's good, right?

So, is it worth my time and effort? I apologize if this sounds like a plug or something, I am very sincere and a bit frustrated.

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That is a question you must ask yourself..... what are you doing this for.... yourself or the communities approval? (Don't take that the wrong way.)

I feel you on your dilema, i've had similar dilemas throughout my life with music and such, but what it comes down to is.... who you are and why you are doing what you do.

A reason i dont see this as such a "must have mod" is because there isn't enough content to imerse one's self in. If you look at all these other "must have" mods, they have alot of elements that make them "must have", not necasarily just one element, it might be a combination of.... the skins, the missions, the gametypes, the weaponry, the realism, the replayability, etc.

My take on it is.... I really do like your mod, but it doesnt have enough missions to keep me playing it. I can only play one mission a few times before i have to put it away and dig it up in a few months. Don't get me wrong, your mission has alot more depth than most scripts out nowadays, but the lack of other content in the mod keeps the replayability factor down. Hence, not active in my mod directory often.

If you do plan on adding some more missions, i will be playing them. But, who knows if adding these things will make your mod "must have", but you'll never know if you don't try.

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