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DYNACOMP will be finished


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"OK, now it's that time where I ask you all a few questions:

- What type of units/weapons (US-based) would you like to see? I haven't made up my mind on what branch/units I'll include."

Maybe working with Russian Spetsnaz ? ;)

I don't foresee me making any Russian units. I won't say 'no', but it's not probable.

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Whoah I commend you on your fast reply, was just a suggestion. But working along side foreign special forces units would be nice SAS , KSK , ect. Is this primarily based on US forces? :)

It would be nice, indeed. In fact, it would fit right in with the plot of the mod. My main objection is the fact that I always take on more than I should. Right now, I'm focused on my US chrs and weapons. Beyond that, we'll see.

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As promised, some eye candy.  This is all stuff I've been working on.  Most of the gear are items I've done for my VBS1 addons, such as the boonie and the P226.  The face is also based on one that I did for VBS1.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get some of this stuff into the final mod.  Click the image for a full-size render.  56k beware!


This pic alone kills any GR-wanna-be-port-from-Xbox (we'll leave the rest on a different forum :shifty: )

If there is some monee-taree way of helping the cause, post a link pls...this is only way I can assist.

Keep up the outstanding job Para :thumbsup:

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Got any pickeys of your VSB1 stuff we can see?  Doesn't have to be stuff you'd necesserily port -- just give us a sense of what you're doing on that engine?


Click the thumbnails for larger views. In the example images, I created the following:

- Helmet mesh and texture (not the NVG strap)

- Goggles/strap mesh and texture

- All uniform textures

- All pouch models/texture, except the canteen

- Pistol/holster model and texture

- M4 model and texture

- kneepad model and texture

- Peltor comm system, sans mic arm and head





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