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DYNACOMP will be finished


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I think I've finally got a desert camo system that I like. I'll let you folks tell me if it's any good. Notice also the new faces, which are 512x256, rather than 256x128 like GR's face textures. As usual, click on the small images for large renders. !56k



As you can see, there's much work to be done yet. I need to tweak the envelopes some more, as well as add more gear, once I figure out what I want and where I want to put it.

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Ohhh My Gawd! How can you put assets that look that great in the game and allow the warty HUD to stand -- please make a handsome HUD for GR Para, I know you can make one that looks great!


I don't really think there's anything wrong with GR's HUD, with the exception of the color and the fact that there's no 1st person gun. I may toy with the HUD a bit, but not much.

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As promised, a few in-game screenshots. Nothing fancy, just to give you an idea of how they look. Overall, I'm very pleased with the initial version, both in terms of quality and overall look. These are without a doubt the closest I've come to achieving my 'vision', as it were. As always, please leave constructive criticism. Click the thumbs for larger images.





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GR Engine :( makes em look bad .... hl2 mod maybe ?!  :rocky:

I don't know. HL2 modding is completely foreign to me, and it looks pretty complicated. I'd have to work with other people whom I don't really know, and I don't like that idea. Beyond that, I don't know how the HL2 community is shaping up. The HL community sucked. If the HL2 community is anything like it, I won't step foot in the door.

Speaking of communities, you want to know something? I miss the old days here. People respected the folks who had been here since the beginning. Nowadays, most people here have no frickin clue who paved the way for them to even begin to do their little mods for Ghost Recon. Everything was new and fresh back then, unlike now. :( Where's BajaBravo, DonMiguel, El Oso, and Ravenmouth when I need them?


Yeah, before anyone asks, I'm irritated. I'm terribly hungry. I'll have to remember not to post when I'm hungry. I turn into the damned incredible hulk or something... :whistle:

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you have to use XSI wich is uhh :blink: looks scary too me.

but good news is i already found many many tutorials on how to do jsut about anything with it... not to mention their all video tutorials :D

but 3dsm is much better program... im definitly gunna buy newer version some time within next year

BTW iv looked at farcry modding and it looks great... lot of C++ coders hate the LUA language but i like it easy to mod using it.

Can redo just about everything in the game... I still wanna look at it thoe the guns are based on speed..

you run faster with them the ret is faster if you run slower with them ret is slower....

Im see if there is a way to add a ret time... who knows the engine looks promising still even after looking at some HL2 scipts

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GR engine makes them look ok but I would suggest ether OFP or GR2 if your looking for 10 out of 10

The majority of the stuff I'm doing now for GR is actually based on some of my VBS1 work. I won't say that one engine or the other is better for doing skins; they're completely different. I do like the challenges that each game brings in regards to making stuff. What I like about OFP/VBS1, though, is that I'm not restricted to simply making models and textures. I can put my miniscule programming skills to work, and actually modify almost any aspect of the game that I want.

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